Rex Navarette is Back and Reloaded!

After his successful show a few months ago, for those who have missed this guy's wit, charm and hilariously funny jokes, Rex Navarette is back to give us that dose of endorphin that we'll needing before the Christmas craze hits the metropolis. Laugh til you cry as you catch him on his upcoming show Rex Reloaded.

Happening at the NBC Tent in Taguig City, this US-base Filipino comedian is back to share his unique take and quirky observations on being  Filipino, life in general and famous personalities - probably including Manny Pacquiao. ^_^

I was invited to take part on his mini presscon, and me, being a fan, was very delighted (starstruck, in some people's language) the moment he stepped in and presented his self to the press people.

I've been watching his Youtube videos from time to time, and since I can't afford to buy a ticket for his first show, this moment is really memorable to me.

Together with him, are local comedian Mike Unson and corporate magician JB Dela Cruz who'll be doing a front act. And since the two comedians, Rex and Mike, thought that we should hear a sample of their show, they throw in the magician JB to show a trick to us. Haha!

It was my first time to a trick like that in person, so I was really amazed. I even took a picture f the card that came out of JB's mouth, and boy, it is real!

Now, this is a real must-see show! Hahahaha!

Rex Navarrete will also hold a Cebu show at Waterfront Hotel Cebu on Friday, November 25 entitled "Rex Navarrete Live."

Brought to us by Catalyst Revolution and supported by Fox International, Zest Air, Aposento, Albergus Catering, Hong Kong Roast and Card King, for tickets you can contact Ticketworld at or you can call them at 891-9999. Ticket prices are at Php7000.00 (with backstage pass), Php5000.00, Php3000.00, Php2000.00, Php1500.00 and Php750.00.

And YES, I already have a ticket! Wee!
So, see you all there!

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