FTX: It's Fun, It's Intense, It's Training!

FTX which really means Fitness Exchange is one of the most ultramodern fitness concepts nowadays that is far different from the gym setup. With its fast, intense and extremely fun and creative fusion of training programs, people who want to lose weight, feel better and look better could find one now at the bustling city of Makati City.

Located at Unit 202, Three Salcedo Place, Salcedo Village, this fitness hub that is under the umbrella of The Red Crab Group of Companies, and it made me experienced one of the best workouts I've had in my life. Best and breathtaking, I must say. *wink*

On my first visit there last week, I got to meet FTX top trainers who shared to me some info about the place. By the way, FTX trainers are classified among the programs that they have, like  trainers for their FTX CIRQFIT Gym, trainers or Yoga teachers for FTX Yoga and Dance, and trainers for FTX Combat and Core. They also have the country's top personal trainers that offers the FTX ONE or the one on one session. These country's top personal trainers are directly accredited to FTX Fitness Exchange and they also get the 100% professional fees.

So, going back, before I got a glimpse of their facility, my trainer Reijo del Prado told us first the 15 signature exercise that we can have here at FTX, And with those 15 exercises, FTX has prepared 14 exercise zones that are perfect for the 20 to 45 minutes per routine exercises.

The FTX CIRQFIT Gym 15 signature exercises are Lose Big Now for total body workout, the Kettle Burning for those core and cardio routine, the Tarzan's Jungle Jiggle for chest, back, biceps, triceps, traps, abs and legs, the Gladiator's Zone that includes running very fast, executing pull-ups, reverse crunches, push-ups, plyomteric jumps, suspension and rope training, the Model's Runway that shapes you to be the country's next top model, the Buns and Glory that is perfect to get that booty-licious, the Core Builder that will trim and strengthen your body's center, the Strongman that will give you ultimate cardio, total body and strength training workout, the Tita Cora's Circuit which is the best workout for our senior citizens and it promises you to take that 60-year-old look and gives you a 30-year younger stamina and beauty, then, there's the FTX Chairman's Express for those people who are always on the go but has to keep a healthy min and body, the Ballers' Circuit for those B-Ball Players and wannabes, the Runners' Circuit for those who are aspiring to join the marathon, they also have the MXX or the Marvin's Xtreme Xpress which only asks for 30 to 40 minutes workout time, the FTX Express which only asks 25 minutes of your time and lastly, the FTX Extreme that enables you to work on the 14 zones of FTX.

After that he toured us to their facility where I noticed that the interior was really different from the typical gym set-up. The lights gave me this groovy-dance floor feel and the music was really lively! It was like entering a lounge but instead of seeing chairs and couches, you see these exercising machines and stuff that are so inviting.




After that, since I'm a first-timer, Trainer Reijo asked me if I wanna try one of their signature exercises. I said yes, but with a tone of uncertainty. And so, he asked me to have a drink first before we start our workout.

Here in FTX, they also have a small pantry where guests can order food - healthy food and drinks - that can help them in their workouts. They gave me this Banana-Protein Shake, which tasted really good and heavy. Trainer Reijo told me that they also do workout diets here so that guests can truly feel the changes in their body. I forgot how many kinds of drinks they have and how many kinds of food they serve then, but I'm sure that this one that I had was fairly good to boost me up and prepare for my first workout here in FTX.

He decided to give me a sample of their Loose Big Now so that according to him, I will have an idea on how fun and intense their workouts are. 

My workout began with a 2-minute run on the treadmill, then immediately followed by a 2-minute kettle bell throw, then immediately followed by a 2-minute pull-ups, then he asked me to climb the railings where I did a 2-minute stand-ups. He let me rest first for a minute, then tapped my shoulders again to do this biking thing only using my hands. I was out of breath by that zone, so I asked him to let me take some water first because I'm starting to get dizzy. In fairness to him, he's not that tough on his trainees, so I got a chance to drink a glass of water and then went back to finish the biking-hands thing. It was followed right away by this leg and arms workout, where I just have to sit on this machine and pull myself. I forgot its name, sorry. Hehe. Without delay, it was followed by reverse pull-ups, which ended our exercise.

After finishing those exercises, Trainer Reijo asked me to lie down with my tummy on the floor. He told me that he'll give me the FTX signature massage. WOW, right? ^_^ But don't worry, he didn't touched me, he used a ball to do that relaxing massage. ^_^ Free massage, I love it!

Trainer Reijo told me that it was just half of the real Loose Big Now workout. And by that, I realized that I wasn't that healthy enough! Hahaha!

I'm planning to go back there and try FTX's other workouts. Maybe yoga or boxing. ^_^

Their FTX Yoga and Dance  offers FTX Fly Yoga, FTX Ashtangga Yoga, Zumba, Striptease Cardio, Pole Dancing, Peter's 80s Groove, Peter's Teeners Class, Reagan's Hip Hop Cardio and FTX Techno Rave. While their FTX Combat and Core offers Muay Thai Circuit Core and Cardio, Muay Thai Premiere, Power Boxing, Boxing Core and Cardio Bootcamp, Kettle Bell Basics, Kettle Bell Elite, Jungle Gym Basics, Jungle Gym Elite, Core Fusion by John Cuay and FTX Xtreme Core.

FTX doesn't require membership fees.  joining fees and annual fees. You'll just pay as you come or you can buy these FTX passes that will serve as your entrance ticket. And I believe, if you buy a bundle of it (5 passes), you'll get some bonus passes. ^_^

So, for now, I guess, it is just rightful to say see you again, FTX!
I'll just get my pose back, and I'll make sure that when I return, I'm "really" to battle it out!
Keep fit and healthy, guys! ^_^

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