Make Way for 3DMe Photo booth!

There was a time that I got so addicted to photo booths. I admit it, I've been a camwhore at one point in my life, and seeing myself dressed in different costumes through these photo booths was really fun and cool. Who can blame me, with my prettiness and instant photo capturing, camwhoring made more enjoyable and easy! Hahaha!

Anyway, last week, I was invited to checkout the launching of the first-ever 3D Photobooth in town through 3DMe Photo Novelties of Miss Gemma Guerrero. I really don't know her and I'm not really aware that we have 3D Photo Photobooths now in our country, so it was kind of a surprise for me to know that.

Gemma Guerrero

Miss Gemma, together with her husband Simon Gemayel, introduced to us their photo business that day. And believe it or not, 3DMe has been conquering the world for almost a decade now with their offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Simon Gemayel

3DMe is said to be the world's first and only digital 3D camera that has the capacity to print on the spot, and with its proprietary software, Simply 3D, the dual lens camera, can capture and create an amazing 3D picture that you, your family and your friends can enjoy.

They let us check out their 3D cameras, and as of now, they just only have 2 designs. The black one is the Simply 3D. This is their latest one, and this is what they use on their photo booths.

The design is very simple, and the instruction on how to use it is so easy to understand too. Probably you'll just find it weird because of its two lenses, but you'll get use to it. Hehe. They didn't tell us the selling price for this but they'll be available next year, around first quarter of 2012.

Their first version, DCX-018, comes in different colors but this one has only 0.3 megapixel. A little low-tech but I'm sure little kids who are so into photography and 3D stuff would love to have one of these this coming Christmas. This unit is already available in different photography shops in the metro.

Mr. Simon also shared to us the different ways to enjoy these wonderful 3D project, and with every slides of his presentation, I'd say that it really impressed me. Again, I'm not really that aware that we have these people who are making a mark on the world of 3D technology.

They also showed us these 3D finish products which are perfect souvenirs to any events and parties. ^_^

And since, Miss Gemma and Mr. Simon were so happy to share this wonderful project, they let us experience their 3DMe Photo Booth and have ourselves taken with Mr. Simon's lovely bike! ^_^

This is the usual photo booth setup, and with the use of Mr. Simon's bike and green screen, 3DMe photo booth can create a lively, out-of this world memorabilia that anyone would enjoy.

Of course, there's the latest 3D camera, Simply 3D, that somehow resembles to a cassette tape, and a laptop to edit the background that you wanna have. Everything was really simple, really. I think two to three personnel will make this photo booth up and running smoothly.

Part of the "props" to have a nice 3D photo is binder where I found this instruction.

Of course, what is 3D photo without that 3D lens, right?

The binder with clear port and cardboard.

The 3D lens.

My 3D photo courtesy of  Simply 3DMe.
(believe me, it's a 3D photo, it's kinda blurred in person.)

You just have to follow the simple instruction on the binder, and voila, you'll have this!

Finish product

Ain't it wonderful? 

Though, I have a small feedback. I realized that this thing reminded me of the "old school" stuff that we had back then, those rulers, key chain and stuff. So, I think, this is really not new to me, except that it takes only few minutes to create it now through the use of 3DMe software.

Also, the final image wasn't that crisp, I guess they need to do something about the use of lights and the distance of camera. I'm no pro in photography, but I believe that I know how to take good shot, something that has that crisp, vibrant and lively look.

Anyways, congrats to 3DMe for this wonderful innovation! For more info about 3DMe, you can visit

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