Figaro Gives Back

As an obligation and part of the kindhearted companies of this world, Figaro, one of the leading coffee company in the Philippines, performed last week their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through their annual tree planting activity at Alfonso, Cavite. And together with its employees, franchisees, coffee club members and Figaro's big bosses, they made the coffee tree planting more interesting with the addition of some eco side trips that we've got to enjoy!

Spearheaded by Figaro Coffee Company's Chief Executive Officer Mr. Crismel Verano, participants were not only brought  to Alfonso, Cavite, but we were also taken to other coffee and coffee-related destinations around Cavite.

Dubbed as Figaro Tree Planting and Eco Tour, two buses loaded with coffee-and-nature-loving participants left Figaro Emerlad by around 8 in the morning. And after an hour and a half of traveling, we found ourselves at the parking lot of Gourmet Farms at Silang, Cavite.

We spent an hour there traversing the slopes of Gourmet's Farms. And though we didn't got a chance to try their fresh leafy veggies, the Banaba Tea that they offered as welcoming drinks to us and the lettuce chips that we got to try at their store made me decide to go back here and have a healthy meal soon.

I also saw these interesting coffee "after" products that I find worth sharing. ^_^

After that, the group hopped in to the bus again and went straight to the farm where we will be planting coffee trees - Austria Farm in Alfonso, Cavite.

Austria Farm is owned and maintained by Mr. Glenn Austria. It wasn't really that huge piece of land but I'm glad that were able to plant some 1000 coffee trees around the area. According to Mr. Verano, this activity aims to help not only Mr. Glenn but also his family and the land that he is keeping. And believe it or not, Figaro Coffee Company will get nothing from this deed - GOOD DEED, indeed! :-)

Aside from having a good time planting coffee trees at Alfonso, Cavite, I also had a great time taking pictures of the participants enjoying the activity. It was a heart-warming scene to see individuals, young and old, taking responsibility in keeping our planet healthy and green. And to know that this has something to do with the world's top favorite drink, I know that coffee addicts will agree with me when I say that this is a very cool and noble activity! ^_^

Coffee Trivia: Do you know that in every cup of coffee that you drink, you must plant three coffee plants to replace that cup of coffee that you drink, so that we will not run out of coffees?

So, coffee addicts, start digging now!!! Hahaha!

With a very cooperative weather, smooth travel from Manila and back, and fairly healthy new coffee plants, I'd say that this whole gathering was very successful. So, congratulations, Figaro Coffee and Figaro Foundation!!!

But the fun doesn't stop there! Mr. Austria also brought us to the area where Figaro first did this tree planting activity. And together with the other Figaro Coffee Company bosses, they shared to us that the first-ever Figaro Coffee and Figaro Foundation tree planting project was back in 2009 where they planted a little less than what we did that day. And to our delight, some of the coffee plants that they planted then are bearing fruits now! 

Mr. Austria told us that in no time these coffee fruits will be ready to harvest. They are planning to sell it so some coffee manufacturers in the nearby areas, so really, he is really thankful that Figaro have chosen their land for this project. This tree planting activity definitely helps him and his family on more ways that we could think of.

Good job, Figaro!

The eco tour for this activity continued the time everyone was ready, meaning all cleaned up and have already contained the burning happiness they have in their hearts. Hehe. After that, the Figaro Team brought us to this place named Ilog Maria.

I've been going to Cavite since I was a kid, but hearing of this Ilog Maria was a first to me that day. I've never been to this place, so it kinda tickles the "lakwatsero" in me and made me so excited about this part of the tour.

For those who haven't been here too, I consider this destination as a place of alternatives - alternative energy source, water source and many others. And I think it takes one to visit this place to know more about it. Joel Magsaysay will be surely glad to see you guys there. 

Thank you so much, Figaro, for this wonderful trip!
It really freshen up my mind and my my heart grow ponder! Being a part of a great cause such as this will always be a pleasure to this middle child who loves getting answers to his experiences in life! I will never ever forget this trip! I just hope that I'll still be there on your other activities that concerns the planet Earth! Congratulations again!

This activity was made possible by G & D Interiors, Angel's Pizza, Amway, Macalinao Construction, Sympa International Consolidated Corporation, Gourmet Farms, Boyds Coffee, Plastech Industrial Corporation, Inaveit Systems Technology, Cheng Ban Yek & Company, Queen T. Enterprises, Access Print Corporation, D.B. Rivera Meat Products, Queen Sofia Creations & Trading Company, V Cargo, Flavors of the Kitchen, E-Blue Holdings, Cencorp Travel & Tours, KLG International and MR.ST Kim.

Happy planet for everyone! ^_^

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