A Pacquiao-Marquez MyDSL Experience

Overflowing pizza, sodas and amazing internet connection, I think this what sums up my first-ever Pacquaio fight coverage. Thanks to PLDT MyDSL Watch Pad, Yellow Cab and Sony, my Sunday morning was spent blessedly well!

Last Sunday, just like any Pacquaio fan in the world, my brother and I were invited to catch the third installment of the Pacquaio-Marquez feud. 

With my brother who is a huge fan of boxing, and I, who got so overwhlemed with the Pambansang Kamao after meeting him just a few months ago,  we agreed to wake up early and be at the Yellow Cab People Support by 9 in the morning to support and watch Manny fight again the Mexican's El Dinamita.

This is my first-ever coverage of a Pacquiao fight, so I really don't know what to expect. Plus, since Pacquaio is somehow unexpected when it comes to his fights, my Sunday morning was really a surprising day waiting to happen.

Powered by PLDT MyDSL, I, my brother, some fellow bloggers and representatives from Sony, PLDT and Yellow Cab, had a whooping Sunday catching the fight via live stream!

Yes, with PLDT's current project in making the country a "WiFi Zone", we at Yellow Cab-People Support got to watch the on-the-dot, blow-by-blow fight of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

What's more fun was the very clear and non-failing connection of MyDSL. You see, I'm a broadband user, and having a problematic internet connection is an everyday issue with me at home. So when I got to experience this MyDSL, in the four hours of connecting to it, I experienced a no problemo Internet connection. It was really that strong I was able to update all the applications on my Android Phone as well as the applications that I have on my Samsung Netbook Series 9! Looove it!

And so, when the bout started, everyone's attention were all on the Sony Internet TV, trying their best to keep their eyes open all the time while holding their breath at the same time. Hehe.

And I think that was one part of this whole experience that I'll never forget - that Pacquiao Magic that I saw on these boxing fans' eyes. Magic, indeed!

Oh, and you know what's the best part of "me watching them"? It's when the referee announced the winner!

And yes, I caught that on camera! Hahaha!

Congrats, Manny Pacquaio! Though, I know that this fight will kinda haunt your boxing career, you deserve the win! You fought really well, and you've just made us all proud!

To PLDT My DSL, thank you again for this wonderful Sunday treat!
I think I'll be switching to MyDSL now. Hehe.

Friends, watch out as PLDT MyDSL turn all the establishments in the country into WiFi Zones! :-)

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