The Samsung MultiView Miror Pop Camera Launch

Now, taking YOUR OWN PICTURES wouldn't be that hard anymore as Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) releases their latest line of digital camera that will surely bring out the VAIN in you - the Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera.

Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera - Php14,990.00

With its 30-degrees, 90-degrees and 180-degrees angular shots, one can take amazing photos in these spectacular angles without any hassle. And what's best about it is, the photographer, which is you, can be in it!

Last week, as SEPCO invites chosen media personalities at Robot Restaurant and Lounge, they let everyone got a chance to experience the wonders that this Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera possesses.

They provided three photo stations where guests can take a look at this newest innovation and give it a shot. 

There's the 30-degree angle station where one can take a picture of their self  using the Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera at a 30-degree angle. Next to it is the 90-degree angle station , where guest should prop up the camera to this right angle position and have their own creative shot. And lastly, the 180-degree angle position, where guest must capture his or herself using Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera, and at the same time, capture as many Samsung logos as he or she can get in one single shot.

After camwhoring on those photo stations, they choose some participants among the guests for their mini photo contest. And lucky me, I was one of the guests who were handed with Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera, meaning I'm one of the participants! Wee!

And because of this chance, I had a closer look and kinda "intimate" time with this latest innovation from Samsung. I got to know that aside from its Mirror Pop feature, Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera also possesses amazing features that everyone would enjoy.

Comes in three good looking colors, red, white and black, Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera also features Live Panorama that enables us to capture the whole wide world without having to step back and let us see the final image in advance. It also has the Picture in Picture Shot, where it lets us insert one image within another, to capture the full, glorious story we want to share. And the Funny Face that I got to really enjoy because it give you a wonderful wacky snap shot of your face.

Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera is 16 megapixel camera, has 5x optical zoom and it's juts 26mm wide

During the short program the Samsung prepared for us, which was hosted by Blogger-Magician Kel Fabie, everyone got to know more interesting stuff about this latest camera. We were also entertained by Kel's magic tricks, which is kinda perfect for this whole launch since Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera works magically.

From there, they announced the winners for the creative shot and most logo contest which were bagged by two other bloggers. Then, the most awaited part of the events was the announcement of the winners of the mini photo contest.

I wasn't really expecting to win anything since I'm not that familiar with digital cameras anymore. But when they announced that I won as a runner-up, I'm still thankful and very happy! Albeit I didn't take home that Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera, I got myself a nice Samsung ES80. Wee!

Thank you, Samsung Philippines! You never fail to excite us and bring the best to your fans!

And for you guys out there, don't let yourself get behind! Create the most memorable photos in your life with Samsung MultiView Mirror Pop Camera! I assure you, you'll enjoy it more than you'll ever know! And if you have time, visit Robot Restaurant and Lounge too, the place looks so fantastic! I got a shot of their bathroom, picture above, and wow! Hehe.

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