ETON International School: The School of the Future

Not that I'm shy to admit that I'm a graduate of public school and university, but if given a chance, I would like to give myself a better school with better facilities because I know I'm good at studying and I know that I will excel better in studying and in life.

Good school, good facilities and good teachers - those are the top three characteristics that I observed when I was invited last week to check out ETON International School in Malate, Manila. And honestly, an invitation, which I thought would be boring turned out to be so fun and truly memorable.

But did you know that having good school, good facilities and good teachers is not just what ETON International School has. They also have this wonderful, wonderful teaching style that I got to experienced during my visit here! And, yes, I went back to school and I enjoyed it! :-)

We were welcomed to ETON by these pupils who presented a short number to us. It was my second time in my life to be welcomed that way, and such treatment from kids just makes my heart so happy.

Thank you, kids! :-)

After that, ETON representatives took us on a tour around their school and honestly, despite of it being small, I find the whole place so children-friendly and somehow complete. They have laboratories, workshops, dining area, conducive air-conditioned class rooms, library, clinic, music room, basketball court and even swimming pool. And guess what, all of their class rooms and laboratories are high-tech, meaning they are all using these high-end teaching tools that somehow prepare the kids for the future.

At this stage, the difference of what I had in public school and what these kids are having made me wish that I studied here.

ETON has a curriculum that is all about challenging and stimulating learning programs that incorporate these important elements: critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration across networks and leading influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, and curiosity and imagination.

Their curriculum includes lessons and activities based on the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles System, which will help every person to discover and reach his or her highest potential.

And with Principal and Founder Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino all sharing to us these wonderful things about ETON, she led us to their library where we experienced ourselves their Dunn and Dunn Learning Style System.

On the table was box of crayon placed beside a bunch of paper that has graphics and numbers in it.

Principal Jacqueline told us a very simple instruction, just answer the six-page paper that we have. She clearly pointed out that there's no right or wrong there, we just have to choose the one that best describes us. And after some 3 to 5 minutes, everyone was done. So Principal Jacqueline instructed us to place a number beside each drawing to indicate which part it belongs on the brain diagram that we also have.

There are 37 diagrams there, and the brain thing has 37 boxes too. Principal Jacqueline asked us to shade the number that represents the diagram that we choose from the six-page answer sheet to know where we belong - Analytic Person or Global Person.

You see, in order to perform the Dunn and Dunn Learning Style System very well, ETON has to classify the students on what kind of persons they are. And with Analytic and Global classification, ETON would know what kind of teaching that these persons would prefer for studying to make sure that they'll perform well.

I personally enjoyed that part. Based from my answers, I am an Analytic Person, and I agree. I have a lot of characteristics that describes how Analytic Person I am.

Principal Jacqueline said that they are the one who adjust to the students base from their characteristics so that they'll be more capable of upbringing the best of the best from their students. AND YES, I BELIEVE IN THEM! This is one idea that I think our school system must have. 

Though, I know that we'll be needing more budget for this kind of learning, at least we're 100% sure that we'll be having the best students in the world.

After that, Principal Jacqueline showed us some art pieces that, to our surprise, were made by their students. Now, the student who painted this has sold a lot of her art pieces abroad and is currently hailed as one of the youngest artist in her generation. Good job, ETON!

Dunn and Dunn Learning Style System here in ETON does not only applied to pupils, parents and even "yayas" weere also asked to take the classification exam so that they would also how to treat children and how to adjust in different conditions.

ETON International School is founded at 2004 by Principal Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, Ph.D. and ETON is affiliated globally to International Learning Styles Network, ASCD, NEAYC that has 100 schools memebers in 11 different countries worldwide.

ETON International School is a 17,00 sqm, 4-building facility in Malate, Manila that caters to preschool, grade school and middle school. It also caters to some enrichment programs for some special kids and special studies.

ETON has 17 learning centers that allow the development of students' visual, verbal, logical, natural, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical and bodily kinesthetic intelligence. Each of their rooms is equipped with smart board, LCD and security cameras. They also have swimming pool, basketball court, play gym, little theater, universal prayer room, cafeteria, international testing center, bookstore and technology center.

And lastly, ETON International School encouraged the use of latest educational gadgets from iPads, laptops to interactive boards for a more convenient and state-of-the-art learning system.

And here's the good news, tomorrow, ETON will be opening their 32,000 sqm facility in Quezon City! So, parents from that side, get ready to see and enjoy the wonderful and amazingly great system of ETON there!

ETON International School, if ever i'll have a child, I'll save money just to make sure that he or she gets the best of the best education he or she deserves. 

And you can get more information about ETON International School by simply visiting their website at or you call them at (+632) 409-7822 - (+632) 409-7832.

Thank you, ETON International School and More power!!!

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