102 Paseo: The BPI's One-Stop-Shop for Your Loans

On its continuous innovation on banking services, Bank of the Philippine Islands offers a more easier and more convenient way to achieve those goals in life as they open the doors of 102 Paseo, your one-stop-shop for that BPI loans.

Last week, I was invited to check out and be part of this wonderful event. Hosted by the vice presidents of e-Loans  Plus Channels, Mr. Ramon Noel Altamirano and Product Marketing of BPI Family Savings Bank, Mr. Herbert Tuason, I, and the rest of the invited bloggers, were treated to a morning of good news and hassle-free transactions with BPI.

Paseo102 is the first and only Loans Concept Store. It is actually divided into three part that has a corner for refreshment, freshly served by Figaro Coffee Company, then the rest is divided into the three top loaning services of BPI.

There's the lounge for the client of Housing Loans.

Every week they feature a certain  property developer when you can get good insights about their old, latest and  upcoming projects. From Avida, Megaworld, Vista land, DMCI, Robinsons World to Tradition Homes, 102 Paseo's BPI Housing Loans can provide you a quick and up-to-date property cost, breakdown and even the monthly rate that you'll need to know in availing a property.

Then, next to the Housing Loan, stands the lounge for Auto Loan.

Just like the Housing Loan, their Auto Loan section features lovely car brands from different parts of the world. But unlike properties, cars that are featured here lasted for a month. That time we went there, this lovely black Jaguar was on display. I LIKE!

One thing that BPI takes pride of about their Auto Loan is that it offers Insurance with Acts of Nature, a first of its kind only from BPI.

The last lounge that we got in to was one that I myself find interesting, the Ka-Negosyo Loan.

In here, you'll feel at home and will find borrowing money from BPI as easy as 1,2 and 3. I'm dreaming of my own business lately, and after I had a chat with their representative, who I find sooooo convincing, I'm in this stage right now of possible borrowing from them. ^_^

Paseo 102 is equipped with high-tech gadgets that will give you a faster and easier assistance, and with their very helpful and knowledgeable personnel, getting that loan is way lot easier and convenient.

I know that with this great news, achieving your goals could be a lot easier, and with BPI's Paseo 102 to back you up and assist you, your dreams will definitely be a reality.

Paeo 102 islocated at 102 Paseo de Roxas corner Nieva Street, Makati City.

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Elmer Domingo said...

Bangko ba talaga yan? Akala ko branch ng Cyberzone sa Makati :)