Slimmers World - Great Bodies 2011 Pre-pageant

As of this moment, they already awarded the winners of the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2011. But before we all learned who won, let me share to all of you first these pictures, my experience, on my first-ever coverage on this kind of competition. Believe me, it is more exciting to see in person that in pictures. Wahehe.

Last week, I was invited by Slimmers World to witness and to cover the pre-pegant ceremony that they'll have for this year's Great Bodies 2011 at EDSA Shangri-La in Mandaluyong City. And though, I know that I'll be intimidated by the contestants oozing sexiness, I braved in and see the show.

I do not know anything about this kind of competitions. I don't know if it is just like Miss Universe or Miss World, I really don't know. What I do know is that this contest is not just after some beautiful face, but also beautiful body, skin, hygiene and over all presence. I don't know if they'll be having a Question and Answer portion on the Finals night, but I hope that they'll have, so that we'll learn something from them.

So, anyway, since I'm really not that person to share some knowledge about this kind of things, I'll just share to you the pictures that I took during the pre-pageant show, and I do hope that you'll appreciate their effort in keeping their body fit, sexy and healthy.

The pre-pageant started with individual poses or creative poses category. There were 27 participants competing for the title of Mr. and Mrs. Great Bodies, 12 among them are women and 15 are men.

After the individual poses or the creative poses, the judges asked to divide the group into two, one group for men and one group for female. They asked for the women to go back onstage for a show-off.

Twelve sexy women took the stage and as the host's signal went off, everyone took their position and showed to us their best pose. Again, it was my first time to see such competition, and when the female contestants did those positions, I dunno if I'll be shock or be amazed or laugh. Those were really serious poses - serious because I can't believe that there are really woman like them, well-sculptured muscles!

The judges eyes were caught by 6 outstanding contestants, that's why they asked them to step forward after the show off.

And with this, they asked the ladies to do the poses that host will ask them to do for the judges to evaluate and see them closer.

They did some anterior and posterior poses that made the crowd go gaga! Haha! Coaches were all screaming telling their bet to move here and move there to show their muscles. And after some 5 minutes, the judges seemed happy that they thanked the ladies ask them to leave the stage. The result will be announced on the finals night, of course. ^_^

After that, the judges requested the presence of the fine gentlemen on the center stage. I thought the presence of those sexy women had already made the crowd go wild, but I was wrong.

The whole room became like a Colosseum full of Romans screaming for blood! Hahaha! But just like on the women category, only few caught the judges' attention and they were asked to step forward.

Judges asked them to follow the instructions of the host for them to be judged further.

But it seemed like the judges weren't that satisfied, so they asked the remaining men to go up onstage and asked them to do what the host has to say.

And after some deliberation, the judges asked two men to go back to the center of the stage and pose again as per host's instructions.

And I believe the judges had a hard time scoring them. Again the final verdict will be announced at the finals night of Slimmers World - Great Bodies 2011.

Slimmers World - Great Bodies 2011 participants will be scored according to Physique, Personality and Creative Posing. 

Under the Physique are Aesthetic Harmony or the over-all appearance including the face and skin quality, the Femininity for female contestants, the Functional or Athletic Look for male, Symmetry or the over-all shape of the torso and limbs, creating a tapered look, the Definition or the demarcation of muscle outlines and the visibility of striations between fibers within the muscle, and lastly, the Balance or the even development of all the major body parts without any weak or excessively strong body parts.

For the Personality, judges will focus on all aspects of the performance other than the actual Physique including Posture, Carriage, Projection, Posing Ability, Skin Tone and Grooming.

Lastly, the Creative Posing will takes place for the routine that the candidates will demonstrate showing their stage presence and their ability to display their Physique.

Slimmers World - Great Bodies 2011 Finals Night will take place at PAGCOR in Paranaque City.

Good luck to all of you guys! May the greatest body win!
Thank you Slimmers World!

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