Thunderbird Poro Point Condotel - A Property Worth-Investing

After that fun and enjoyable property tour we had that morning, our night was scheduled for an elegant party and launch that Thunderbird Resorts-Poro Point has prepared for us and for the rest of aspiring investors and future residents of this prestigious resort.

After the successful turn-out of Thunderbird Residences, which is still currently filling some remaining empty lots of its phase two, Thunderbird Resorts now offers a fun and great way to enjoy business and leisure at the same time.

The Condotel, a solid investment opportunity to its upscale clientele, this 1,500-square-meter Thunderbird Residences project will be consisted of 51 luxury Thunderbird Resorts-Poro Point style rooms that is expecting to fulfill your Santorini dream.

On the said event, usherettes dressed in goddesses' outfits and tables adorned with Thunderbird Resorts' famous tower welcomed the guests to this eventful night. Everyone was also treated to a night of heavenly relaxation as we were served with Grecian dishes that filled our tummies and good music that set the mood.

And as we all gathered up to our tables with our sumptuous dishes, the program started with three of the bosses their views about this project and then immediately followed by the unveiling of the projected look of The Condotel.

This 51-luxury-room project will be the latest addition to the in-demand rooms of Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point. Once an aspiring Condotel owner purchased a room, that room will give be enrolled to the condotel program where Thunderbird Resorts will be the one that will take good care of. The unit owner would earn 100% of the revenue generated from the hotel operations, while Thunderbird Resorts will receive a 30% management fee for operating the unit. Unit owner will have an opportunity to earn from the room or rooms they'll purchase and at the same time, he or she can enjoy the 30 days per year allocated free stay at his or her unit or units.

In addition to that 30-day per yer free-stay, owner will have access to the hotel’s first class facilities, such as the beach club, the Cliffs golf course and the pool that I got to enjoy that day too. ^_^

And with the future plans for the community amenities and features of Thunderbird Residences like spa, fitness gym and wellness center, clubhouse with infinity pool, event and commercial centers, chapel, sports area with tennis, badminton and basketball courts and kid’s pavilion and play area and, of course, the soon-to-be bigger and better casino, investing on this project is like hitting not just two birds in one stone but the whole flock of them. Hehe.

After the program, they let us see their model unit for this project, and one thing that I noticed, it is just like our hotel room - fancy, relaxing and very accommodating. I just love it!

For me, Thunderbird Condotel is such a winning investment, especially now that the tourism industry of our country is on its good phase.

So, if this great new entice the business side of yours, just visit or contact Keshia Fraser at +63918-921-1613 or at +632-886-5555 for more wonderful information.

Congratulations and more power, Thunderbird Resorts!
And to the future owners and investors, congratulations too!

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