Review: Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000

Finding a great TV nowadays is so easy, but finding the one that suits your taste, need and budget is kinda a challenge, still. It's just so great that Samsung, one of the leading TV manufacturers in the whole world never gets tired of giving us a lot of options to choose from. And now, with the release of their latest innovation, I'm sure, any couch potato and computer geek will enjoy the Samsung's version of Plasma Smart TV!

I was invited to do a review of this latest innovation from Samsung a few weeks ago, and I must say that even though this TV is no LED, the high-end appeal and the "smartness" of it is truly captivating.

This 51-inch Plasma TV offers a wide array of key features that I got to enjoy during its stay on my hand. From it's functionality, picture quality, design, connectivity and eco-friendliness, Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 is indeed the future of television.

Upon checking out this amazing piece, one that caught our attention is its slim feature - ULTRA SLIM, actually. They say that this one is the slimmest plasma TV to date, and I couldn't agree more!

Another design feature that I noticed is its larger screen, which they called Plasma +1 Design. With this feature, I got to enjoy watching even I'm on it's side because of its thinner bezel (side frames). The screen stands out even on the side, a feature that I'm sure everyone would love.

As for the Picture Quality of this series, Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000 possesses a Full HD 1080P. We watched Avatar on this TV and, boy, it was like watching in IMAX. With its HyperReal Engine and Wide Color Enhancer, the color was so vivid and every scene of the flick seems so real! But let's not forget that it also has a 600Hz Subfield Motion that made every movement on the film fantastically smooth. If you just saw me, my eyes were wide open and deep inside was a kid enjoying a good flick! ^_^

Samsung's 3D Glasses

We also got to test these features when we played Street Fighter 3D, and it was plainly awesome!!! A total kick-ass!

Abe VS Cathie

Samsung's Home Theater System

At the back of the his gigantic TV, you will see these outlets that will help you enhance your viewing pleasure. And just like the latest LED TVs, Samsung Plasmta TV Series 8 8000 has these awesome connectivity features that will give you an enjoyable TV time. It has a ConnectShare Movie where you can just plug your USB Memory drive or HDD into it to enjoy a movie that you've downloaded from the Net. It also has an Anynet+ feature that will give you the home entertainment experience that you wanna have inside your house. And as long as your HDMI-CEC device is compatible with it, may it be manufactured by other companies, the remote control that goes with this unit will simplify you viewing and connectivity pleasures.This unit's High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is multiplied four times too, so you'll have the high-speed transmission of movies, pictures or even audios from other devices to your Plasma TV - an experience we all deserve to receive.

The Back

Samsung Blu Ray Disc Player

For those who are after the "smart" side of this telly, Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000 highlights it Smart Functionality that even non-techie would enjoy. With its Smart Hub and Search All, you'll enjoy browsing the Net and at the same time enjoying the applications provided to us by Samsung. We were able to check out our blog sites using it, and look at our pictures! ^_^ Wee!

...and my friends

Aside from browsing, you can also enjoy the games that are featured on the Samsung Apps page (imagine playing your favorite online games on this gigantic screen), watch your favorite music videos, or even socialize in the world wide web through its Social TV that enables connectivity to Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk. It is just like having your own CNN moment at the comfort of your home. Hahaha!

And for those who wants to know the eco-friendliness of this amazing TV, one noticeable eco-friendly feature of Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000 is its Eco Sensor. This Eco Sensor measures the amount of light inside your room and will automatically calibrates the brightness needed to give you a fair but still the best images possible - an energy and eyesight saver that you'll truly enjoy.

We got to test it with natural light and house light, and the quality of the images were all fabulous. This is really the kind of TV anyone would love to have - well, next to LED, of course. Hehe.

So, if you think that LED is the best TV on earth, think twice. With the release of this Samsung Plasma TV Series 8 8000, meeting the future of television is just some moolah away!

Thank you, Samsung!
I wouldn't mind having this "huge" TV in our "small" living room! Hahaha!

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