The First-Ever Blogapalooza! We're Coming Out!

More than a dozen of brands and 150 influential bloggers from in and out of Metro Manila joined forces and celebrated the first-ever Blogapalooza at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City.

And yours truly, the Middle Child, was invited to witness and be part of this generous and fun gathering of people who loves to share wonderful stuff on the world wide web. Wee!

As I reached the Top Shelf of Fully Booked, I was surprised to see that much of people. I was there a quarter before the said time, but bloggers seemed so excited and they came so early. Hehe.

Anyways, everything was on time. The program started on time, and with every speaker from the 30 companies who were given a chance to talk in front of all the 150 bloggers, everyone enjoyed all the good news and some other stuff that was shared to us.

Vince Golangco of When in Manila, the organizer of this blog-lovin' event, also hosted the whole program, so everything went really well. ^_^ Good job, Vince!

Also present at the event were these booths that shared some of their products and services, and then there's also the Polecats Manila who made the room a little hot - for men, of course, and fun, for women. Hehe.

In between the talks, guest speakers raffled off some awesome prizes that some bloggers got to enjoy! And even though, I didn't win anything, I received some awesome gifts from them at the end of the program. Everybody is a a winner! Whoopee!

And since, I'm on a "fashionista" mood that day, I enjoyed the fashion-related talks and of course the free items I got from them. I personally loved the watch that Freestyle Ballers' business owner Nathan Flores gave to us. ^_^ I even bought one more from him. ^_^ Cute!

Freestyle Ballers Blue Watch

Then, I also love the pouch that Miss Viva Andrada gave to us. I've been wanting  to check out F*ART Fashion Art, and thankfully, Miss Viva was one of the guests speakers who graced the event.

Aside from those stuff, I, and the rest of the bloggers, got to enjoy the sumptuous and refreshing drinks and food that were shared to us. Among my favorites were the tummy-filling and really big burgers from Size Matters of Mr. and Mrs. JR and Marge dela Paz and the carrot-base juices of Healthy First by Miss Ninay Versoza.

Size Matters

Healthy First 

On a more personal note, I'm so delighted to see a long lost friend, my former officemate, Ate Danica, at the event. She is now one of the marketing peeps of Focus Ventures Inc.

At the end of the program,  one more grand raffle draw was held, and some lucky bloggers, including my friend Nicely Rom, won amazing luggage. ^_^ Coooooool!

It was one delightful and memorable blogging event, indeed! A great leap to tell how powerful blogging is nowadays. I'm so glad to be a part of this event and I'm so happy too to see some blogging-friends who were there - one, super, duper fun day for the blogging community!

Special thanks to Vince Golangco for organizing such a wonderful event and to all the sponsors who generously shared their amazing time to us - Avira Antivirus, Lay Bare Waxing Salon,360 Degrees, Human Nature, KameraWorld, Jap-OK, Matabungkay Resort, Gallileo Enrichment Learning Program, Treehugger, Sofitel Hotel, Easy Pha-max, F*ART Fashion Art, Lazer Xtreme, Freestyle Ballers, Budoir Dolls,Tripologie, Aquabest, Healthy First, Unilever, Creativoices, Sparkle Spa, Size Matters, Golden ABC's Regatta, Memo and For Me, Beyond Beauty, Leslie’s' Farmer John Premium Potato Chips, Oryspa, Phiten, Polecats Manila, Focus Ventures,, Blue Water Day Spa, HTC. May you all be bless more!

Congratulations, Blogapalooza Community!
May we have more Blogapalooza to come! Cheers!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Sana makasali din ako sa Elite Club na itech :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Wish ko lang elite ako! Hahaha! Dukha lang ako na walang magawa sa buhaykung hindi magblog. LOOOOL.