Thank You, GranPrix Manila!

I know it took some months to say this, but it is still better late than never, right?

Remember that blog post that I wrote about my stay at GranPrix Manila? Well, that blog post gave one grand opportunity for me to see the world's 4th top tourist destination last July, Boracay! Thanks to GranPrix Manila for generously granting me a prize to see and experience Boracay (for the first time) for free!

With the Staff of GranPrix Boracay Hideaway

I wasn't really expecting that prize for I am competing with top-notch bloggers, but when I saw their announcement on their Facebook page, I was more than thrilled because I am very sure that it will be a hell lot of fun!

The prize includes a good-for-one two-way plane ticket and a good-for-two accommodation at GranPrix Boracay Hideaway. And though I can have someone to tag along with me, and just pay for his/her plane ticket, I decided to go alone and planned to spend this fun vacation in it most thrilling and surprising way. Hehe.

Well, it wasn't really an all-alone vacation, really, because I'll be meeting two of my favorite angels, Cathie and Abe there. Hehe.

So, boarded a Zest Air flight to Kalibo, our plane touched down at around 2 in the afternoon. Our flight was delayed - as expected, Zest Air, duh - so by the time I reached the beautiful island of Boracay, it was already past 4 in the afternoon.

At Kalibo Airport

First Picture on Boracay Island

A pre-arranged service van was made by GranPrix Boracay Hideaway, so from Kalibo Airport to GranPrix Boracay Hideaway, my travel was hassle-free. ^_^ I was welcomed courteously by the hotel's receptionist and also assisted me to my room quickly. Probably, she thought that I'm too tired from all the travels, so the moment I arrived at their hotel, he gave me my keys and led me to my room. Hehe. But little did she know, I'm actually more than excited to see her! Haha!

In my room, I was welcomed by these swan towels, which were kinda annoying, but nevertheless I found my room just perfect for me. ^_^ After some minutes of resting, Angels Cath and Abe knocked on my door all sandy and wet. Hehe. 

Together with my two most favorite angels, I spent my first night having a buffet dinner at La Carmela de Boracay. And though, we absolutely didn't enjoy their food and their service, I've met some of Cath's friends and relatives, which somehow made my first day on the island happier.

On my second day, which was also the last day of the angels on Boracay, we spent our morning at Puka Beach - Boracay's quieter and more peaceful island. I personally love this place. The pristine white sand, clear blue water and hot sun, made our stay here truly memorable. Puka Beach just stole my heart!!! I really, really love this place!

After having lunch at I Heart Backyard BBQ, the angels bid goodbye to me. I spent some time lying on my beautiful bed at GranPrix Boracay Hideaway after we separated. By around 5 in the afternoon, I went outside again and have my first-ever stroll on the island, from Station 1 to Station 3. 

I got so tired from doing that, so I treat myself to a relaxing muffin and hot choco from Real Coffee then went back to my hotel room to freshen up and relax a little bit more. By around 9 p.m., though, I'm still not hungry, I went back outside again and luckily, I caught these Boracay fire dancers. I spent some time capturing their moves before I went to D Mall to have my dinner.

Hot Choco and Calamansi Muffin

I'm craving for some seafood that night and I really wanna try the other buffet stalls but since I'm already all alone there, I just went to Smoke, a local restaurant, and ordered some grilled squids. ^_^ It was one hearty meal that completed my second day on this beautiful island.

Giant Lobster for Sale

My last day in Boracay, started a little late because of the rain that was pouring that morning. I had this quiet and nice breakfast at GranPrix Boracay Hideaway, and as the rain shower stops, I went outside, bought some more souvenir stuff and had my "final walk" on the white beach.

After seeing and experiencing this wonderful island, I said to myself that I am coming back for more. No wonder a lot of people fell in love with Boracay - it was indeed a paradise!

Thank you, GranPrix Manila, for giving this chance to see one of the country's gem and thank you, GranPrix Boracay Hideaway for the wonderful accommodation that you've shared with me. This is one vacation that I'll never forget! This is one prize, I'll treasure forever!

You can catch more of my Boracay stories on Lafanggero and Rammmpa! ^_^


Jeman said...

better late than never! thanks for sharing this. glad you had fun! sana makabalik ulit tayo dun! hahahahaha!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Jeman, babalik ako next year sa Boracay, but I don't think I can afford to stay at GranPrix pa. Hehe.

elmerlovesoreo said...

Wow! Sarap talaga maging blogger, lalo na 'pag kasing sikat na ni Alex Dizon :)