Property Tour at Thunderbird Resort-Poro Point

Part of the itinerary we had when we were invited to check out Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union was this so-called "property tour" where we went on a trip all over the place.

I must say that despite of the blistering heat of the sun that morning, the fresh breeze of air coming from the side of South China Sea was very pleasant, making our trip really relaxing and fun.

Thunderbird Resorts bosses, Sir Damian and Sir David led our group to see the whole lot of Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point. And our first destination was the first-ever residential unit built inside the resort property.

According to Sir Damian, the residential development started last October 2010, and to their surprise, phase 1 and phase 2 of this whole project are already on their way to completion - completing the Santorini of the Philippines. All the houses inside the resort are required to follow the Santorini theme to establish a pleasant ambiance that guests and residents can enjoy.

This one that we got to checked out is owned by a Filipino businessman who's company is in Agoo, La Union. According to Sir David, this house built on the east side of Thunderbird has 7 rooms and a pool. It also has a separate unit for the maid's quarter that made us all feel so envy. Hehehe.

Maid's Quarter

At the back is a swimming pool and a few flights below is the beach, which is perfect for some luau party.

The Pool

The Beach

The whole place is such a paradise, if you will ask me. Perfectly situated on this very peaceful and heavenly place.

After that, the bosses took us to two of Thunderbird Resorts' golf course's hot spots to check out the other developments that are on their way to make Thunderbird - Poro Point the best place up north.

A view at par 4 is the upcoming bigger and better Fiesta Casino of Thunderbird Resort - Poro Point. This will be a sure fire-hit place for those who love playing in casino.

We also got to see the current Fiesta Casino a few meters away from Par 4, and with the number of people I saw that morning, I really think that they should a bigger and better casino. Hehe.

*cameras are not allowed inside*

Our last destination that morning was this other house that'll be finish anytime this year. We've met the owner of the house and he seemed so happy about the location and outcome of his new place.

I find is to grand and really, really fabulous. The colors may seem so common, but the architectural design was really great. I love how it gives a modern Santorini touch.

I got a chance to be photographed on their rooftop, and I so love it! ^_^

Our tip ended with some refreshment back at the main villa and an early Grecian lunch courtesy of Sir David and Sir Damian. Sweet!

For more information on THE POINT RESIDENCES, just visit or contact Keshia Fraser at 0918-921-1613 or at 632-886-5555.

Thank you, Thunderbird Poro Point!

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