The Bloggers' Blowout

Brought up by AstroPlus, AstroVision, Orange Magazine TV and LG Electronics, bloggers who are into music, movies and gadgets were treated to an afternoon of audio and video delights as they presented their first-ever Bloggers Blowout.

On the pre-registration form found on, we were asked to sign-up and choose the category that we wanna take part in on this exciting event. Since my day job has something to do with movies and TV shows, I slashed off movies (if you'll notice it on my blogs - nothing much on movie reviews), so I just let my heart torn between music and gadgets.

I'm a big music lover and because of music I learned to appreciate cool gadgets that made my likeness more favorable to my ears. And after some thinking, since it seems that I'll get more benefits in attending the gadgets category, I signed up for that with my name and blog URL.

Gadget was scheduled to be the last category to present that day, but since I got there a little early, I had a chance to eavesdrop at the movies forum. Hehe. But I'll let the movie bloggers do the talking about that. Hehe.

As for us, gadget bloggers, after having that sumptuous treats that they also prepared for all the attendees, we were asked to take our seats and brace ourselves for the awesome presentation they had for us.

I never thought that I'll get to meet the Philippine reps of those world-famous brands that are now shaking the world of techies. And since AstroVision and AstroPlus are also catering CD, DVD and Blu-Ray releases from the different studios in the world, most of the items that were presented to us were for music.

I'm glad that I picked the right category - it's like hitting two birds in one stone. ^_^

Our short program was started by one of the established names when it comes to audio technology, Pioneer.

Pioneer, who's been there for years presented their latest collection of earphones that I find really young and fashionable. A lot of them really caught my attention making me so happy to know that Pioneer is keeping up with the latest trend and not letting themselves left behind. Good job, Pioneer!

Aside from Pioneer, there were also the other older brands which are still competing in the market. Giving music lovers an option to choose from were Bose and TDK, which are considered as founding brands of high-end audio quality.

For those who are up for some younger brands that are making a world-wide impact, AstroPlus also invited people from Jays, Audio-Techinica, Aerial 7 and Beats by Dr. Dre to share to us their latest innovations on music listening.

I was quiet impressed with these new brands because aside from the high-performance sound that they are sharing to their fans, the styles and designs are all fashionably young and funky too! I have some favorites, and I'll be sharing them here on my blog soon! So stay tune! ^_^

The last part of this techie gathering was composed of Wow Magic Sing and AstroVision themselves as they shared to us the latest and coolest stuff from them. I personally wanna have Wow Magic Sing at home, and after knowing the other features of this cool gadget, I think I should start saving some moolah for it! ^_^

As for the AstroVision peeps, aside from the good news of discounts and good deals from their shops, they also shared to us a product that all techies must-have, the Cyber Clean.

Our afternoon was ended with a bang, as the gift from the guests speakers flowed and filled our bags. It was such an awesome gathering! ^_^

Thank you, AstroVision, AstroPlus, Orange Magazine TV, LG Electronics and to all the sponsors!!! May you have more of these gatherings like this for us!

P.S. My friend Ryan of Black Fedora Blog bought a pre-own MJ CD here on AstroVision Greenbelt 5. I didn't know that they do that, so if you wanna find some good old CD, head out to your nearest AstroVision or AstroPlus record bars! Quick ^_^

Congrats, Ryan the true-blooded MJ fan! ^_^ I'm so happy for you! ^_^

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elmerlovesoreo said...

Ganda ng mga prizes! Sana makasali din ako sa mga events for bloggers :)