The Pacquiao-Marquez World Press Tour

I'm not really a big fan of boxing. Actually, as much as possible I wouldn't promote it. 

But after meeting the congressman of the Saranggani Province, the Pound for Pound World Champion few weeks before this world press tour, I think he just got me with his natural charisma and humbleness.

I had a chance to meet and even have a photograph with the Pambansang Kamao Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao during the shoot of his commercial for one of his new endorsements, and I'm honestly saying that I was impressed by how he treated us - more than the boxing power he showed on the ring was the Pacquaio Power that I felt.

That's why when I received an invitation from our friends from Alaxan to take part on this world press tour, I immediately said yes - not to have another photograph with Manny, but to feel the Pacqiao Power again.

Before going to Quirino Grandstand that day, I was able to check out the venue first through the coverage of GMA-7. I was expecting a large of people then, so when I tuned in to GMA that day, as expected, I saw a lot of those people.

The world press tour was kinda grand, with one of the leading networks broadcasting it worldwide, I expect nothing but the best coverage for this world-shaking event.

Of course, our friends from Alaxan was all there too to support Manny. With some mini games and freebies to be given away, some lucky boxing fans got to take home some goodies from Alaxan.

And together with the masses, after some hours of waiting, the stage shooked as the two boxing icons took the spotlight to submit themselves to the audience who've hauling like crazy dogs. Hehehe.

The intensity and the tension was high, soooooo high, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, as any boxing fan would.

It was my first time to witness such crazy expression, and despite of the pushing and crazy screaming, I managed to enjoy the event.

I left the show with a lot of sweat but with a smile wishing the two men the best of luck. We all know how deadly boxing could be, right? I just hope no one would do what Mayweather did to his opponent. That dude is sick!

Go, Pacquaio! May you still be able to uplift the spirit of our people and may you still bring honor to our country - even if its through boxing.

Thank you, Alaxan!

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