The DOLE's Bloggers' Cook-Off!

I was invited a few days ago to join a group of food bloggers who will battle it out in one of the finest kitchens in the metropolis - Magsaysay Institute of Culinary Arts and Hospitality kitchen - for the DOLE's Bloggers Cook-Off!

I had a chance to join in cook-offs before, and I even got to cook in this fine kitchen, so I know how exciting this would be.

Before the cook-off started, we were introduced to DOLE's Tomato Sauce, which was the star of the night. Then there's the cute chef, Chef Jeremy Favia, who showed us how to cook the dishes he prepared that night.

It was a nice gathering where we learned something. And with the cute chef's graceful cooking movement  and witty some thoughts, everyone was all eyes and ears to him.

Penne Pasta with Blu Cheese and DOLE Tomato Sauce

Little did we know, those dishes that he presented were the dishes that the contenders would be preparing, so those who really paid so much attention were chosen.

There were only 5 lucky bloggers picked, but despite of that, the excitement didn't escape us since we saw them go gaga in the kitchen trying to imitate the dish the Chef Jeremy prepared.

As the clock ticked to its last second, the remaining food bloggers have already our own bets. But the judges who tasted the contestants' dishes have the final say. ^_^

And out of the five chef-wannabes, only one cooking style and technique stood out, and that's none other than Enzo Luna of! Congrats, Enzo!

Enzo Luna with his Penne Dish

After that, another quick cooking demo took place, and this time Chef Jeremy prepared this Dory Fish dish with lemon and pineapple. It was one of my favorite that night, actually.

Dory Fish Lemon and Pineapple

Everyone went home with newly acquired cooking tips and ideas that I'm sure we can all use on our cooking experiments. Hehe.

Congratulations and thank you to DOLE for this wonderful night!
Til next time! ^_^

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elmerlovesoreo said...

Ang pogi nga nung chef... at ang sarap tignan ng mga pasta! :)