BlackBerry Pilipinas and PlayBook Launch

BlackBerry officially announces their plans of taking the country by storm with the launch of their hottest and up-to-date group that will cater to all BlackBerry fans here in the Philippines - the BlackBerry Pilipinas.

With this group that can be found on, BlackBerry Pinoy fans can get updates from their newly loved mobile brand, as well as to get acquainted to the other 80,000++ members of the group.

I, despite of not having a BlackBerry phone yet, was invited to be a part of this wonderful - a remarkable event that made our night full of fun, laughter and camaraderie.

I'm actually planning to buy a BB phone, it's just that I'm still waiting for my budget to catch up with my other expenses so that I can enjoy the phone better. :-)

Anyways, part of the program that night was the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Philippine market. I got a chance to get a-hold of one of the sample units that night and I was immediately fascinated to its elegant look that made me decide to check it out more.

May it be for some office or serious  stuff or just for gaming purposes, PlayBook will suffice your mobility needs with its amazing and lovable features.

I got to try its web browsing capability, and I'm glad to know that this gadget possesses an Adobe Flash and HTMLS. If you do have a BlackBerry mobile phone, just like most of the people who attended this event, you'll enjoy the benefits of its BlackBerry Bridge technology. On the other hand, its 3MP front camera and 5MP rear camera are probably the top features of this gadget that I'd say I will enjoy. ^_^ And if you are addicted to downloaded games and apps, just like me too, well, PlayBook has also the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Guests that night also enjoyed the game that was prepared for us, and a lot of us went home with awesome BlackBerry items!

The Prizes

I almost had one! Tsk! Sayang! ^_^

I believe there'll be more events like this for BB fans, so if I were you, I'll LIKE BlackBerry Pilipinas fanpage now to get updates and cool news about BlackBerry.


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elmerlovesoreo said...

Waaaahhh... gusto ko ng BB Playbook kaso walang pera :(