Teach Me How to Dougie

I know that after seeing Enrique Gil doing the "Dougie" in Gandang Gabi Vice, a lot of you are looking as to what is that step and how to do it.

So let me share to you all of you, these video that I saw on the web. Videos that will teach us how to dougie.

Here's a video first of Justin Bieber teaching Ellen Degeneres to do the dougie. ^_^

I honestly think that Bieber does it great... And sexy. ^_^ He really has lot of videos doing the Dougie on the web. ^_^

While, here are some of our favorite Glee casts doing their version of this sexy moves.

A little wholesome, but still the beat is really inviting. ^_^

I have my own favorite, and that is Chris Brown doing the Dougie. Just wait til the last part of this interview, ayt?

I think he is the best in dougie-ing! Yeah! Hehehe.

Here's another one, just a personal video I got from Youtube.

And if you wanna learn from the people behind this hit song, here's their official video.

You can download an MP3 of this song from here.

Now, I think I can say planking move over, dougie is here!
Teach me how dougie, yo!


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