Meeting the Curious Chef!

Last week, I got to attend one appetizing event that featured one exciting show which will give us new ideas and discoveries to help us in our kitchen. With its chef, its host, Chef Sharwin Tee, Lifestyle Network invites all to catch their newest cooking show, Curiosity Got the Chef!

During its press launch that happened at Diamond Hotel Manila, Chef Sharwin demonstrated one simple dish that even cooking dumb-dumb like me can do. He showed us how to prepare a simple sandwich using our country's very own Pan de Sal! 

With a guest assistant from the audience, Chef Sharwin showed his witty and very entertaining side while preparing this mouth-watering meal. And after some few minutes of slicing, cutting and frying, everything was ready for us to taste and enjoy! Wee!

I, being a big burger lover, really enjoyed the juicy, sweet and crunchy flavor and texture of his creation. And I think the crowd enjoyed it too base from the facial expression that I saw from them.

After this short presentation, the host and the staff of Lifestyle Network led us to the adjacent room where a sumptuous feast was waiting for us. The dishes were also prepared by the curious chef who shared a table with us and wittingly answered all our questions.

According to Chef Sharwin, he was inspired by the show "Wok with Yan" with its world-renowned chef, Stephen Yan. He enjoyed watching the show when he was a kid and it really got in to him to pursue this career. He is also a Cooking Class teacher at Xavier High School so he said that dealing with a camera is not a hard task to do, since he just treated those as his students. He is really dreaming of becoming a chef, but it seems that his world will start on a different side of the avenue since he got this job as a TV host who'll cook different local dishes in his own unique way.

When I got to ask him as to what is in store for us televiewers on this show, he just simply said that we'll all learn together the different and unique dishes of this wonderful country. And with this show, we will be able to create our own version style out of our country's famous dishes. 

He's favorite dishes that he loves to prepare has something to do with pork belly, so meat lovers, this is a show that we should really tuned in to every Wednesday night.

Curiosity Got the Chef airs on Lifestyle Network every Wednesday night. And you can catch Lifestyle Network on SkyCable Channel 52, SunCable Channel 25, SkyCable Cebu Channel 43, SunCable Cebu Channel 33 and Parasat Cable TV Channel 46.

Nice to meet you, Chef Sharwin, and I'm sure that a lot of foodies will catch your show, to know more about our very own dishes!

Happy eating and happy viewing everyone! ^_^

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