Share Your World and Win!

As promised, here's my first-ever blog contest! Wee!

But before I give the mechanics to this exciting contest, I wanna thank you my dear readers for taking time reading my entries. It means so much to me, even if sometimes you just scan my wonderful photos. ^_^ Hehehe.

Anyway, I hope you could pass along this contest too, so that we'll have more participants! ^_^ The more the merrier, right? ^_^

With the generosity of Western Union, we'll be having two winners for this contest.


1. You must "LIKE" Recycle Bin of a Middle Child's fan Page on Facebook.

2. Go to, register using your Facebook account, then after going through some steps, go to "Your World" section and print-screen the image that you'll see there. You should have a diagram of "Your World" there. It should be like this: 

4. Post "Your World" to Recycle Bin of a Middle Child's wall.

5. Then, on the comment box / photo description box of YOUR PHOTO entry, put YOUR ANSWER to this Western Union Question: 

What are the 3 pages/sections of
(I believe, you know the answer to this question by now. ^_^)

6. Your YOUR WORLD PHOTO with a CORRECT ANSWER to the Western Union Question will be your entry to the raffle draw that I'll do using

7. This contest will run from today, August 8, 2011 up to August 30, 2011. Winners will be announced on August 31, 2011. I'll have a separate blog for the announcement.

7. To make it more exciting, we'll have TWO raffle draws. The FIRST NAME that appears on each raffle draw will receive the prize! The prizes are SM gift checks. Our two lucky winners will receive Php1000 worth of SM Gift Certificates each. ^_^

8. This contest is open to all Philippine resident only. It'll be great if you have an SM Mall near you! ^_^

So, what are you waiting for?! Share YOUR WORLD to us, and let's enjoy this amazing application created to us by Western Union

This is part of their 160th anniversary, so Western Union, thank you so  much and more power! ^_^



Nicely said...

Hi, Alex. I'm done with my entry. Check it out here:

I pray that I would be the lucky girl :D See you soon!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thanks, Nicely! ^_^

edelweiza said...

I joined!

Good luck to all the participants! :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thanks, Edel! ^_^

Precious Maris said...

Hi Alex :D done with mine :D

hope i'll win :D

more power Recycle Bin of a Middle Child ^_^

Harvy Smitt said...

Good Day! Hi Alex here's my link entry to your tempting contest...

uploaded photo:

already subscribe and follow your blog and also following you at twitter via im_sleepless

hope ill be one of those two lucky!
Good luck and more power!

Agnes Dela Cruz said...

Hi! .. I just joined! :)

goodluck! :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thank for joining, guys! Goodluck to all! ^_^

Jonha Revesencio said...

Hi Alex,

Here's the link to my entry:

I hope I win ;)

aida said...


Here's my entry:


Aida Villanueva

fmfallar said...


Here's the link to my entry:

Hope to win!

miaka said...


FB link:

Josephine Gregorio

Joy said...

Hello! I joined :)
here's the link of my entry

Anonymous said...


Jerome Gregorio

blogger junkie said...
Sarah Cabanlig

Perlita Fernandez said...


Perlita Fernandez

Unknown said...


here's my entry -

thanks and more power! :)

ladymishel said...

Joining =)

My entry:

Michelle Ame