Asian Food Channel Eats Asia 3!

Last Saturday, I was invited by a good friend to check out this event that I will surely love - FOOD EVENT. And together with other friends, we met at A Venue Hall in Makati City to see and experience a delectable offering prepared by Asian Food Channel to all of the food lovers and culinary students here in the country with the third year of their Eats Asia!

With different dishes inspired by some of the world's most loved Asian cuisines, we were treated to an afternoon of sweet, salty, spicy and everything yummy!

Upon entering the venue of this Asian festivity, we were greeted by these beautiful ladies who represent the Asian countries that are part of this food fest. We met and had a photo opportunity with the girls representing China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.

And just seeing these girls in costumes, I knew right then and there that I'm in for a great afternoon treat!

The whole venue was divided into 7 parts. They a corner for Chinese dishes which were prepared by GCIC Culinary Institute, a corner for South Korean dishes which were prepared by Institute of Culinary Arts and Food Service in partnership with Far Eastern University then they an ample space for Japanese dishes which were shared by Most Institute and Yoshinoya, and next to it were the Vietnamese dishes which were prepared by De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde School of HRM, and the last but not the least were our beloved dishes shared to us by CCA The Coffee Beanery, Enderun Colleges and Adobo Republic.

But before heading to those "hot spots" there was also a spot for some sponsors who shared delectable appetizers! And they were all yummy too!

There was a booth from Cuisinart, where these awesome kitchen utensils and appliances were also available. Nestle D'Lite Cream, Knorr and Lady's Choice were also there and started these food fest with delicious meals. And to quench our thirst, Nestea provided us with cool and refreshing flavored iced teas.

Oh, before we got inside, we were given a list of the booths that we have to visit inside. They were all listed here, so before asking for a sample of the dish or dishes, we have to give them this paper and the representative will sign on to it just to acknowledge that we have been there.

They had these probably because since there will be a lot of visitors to this event, they wanna make sure that everyone will get a taste of each dish featured on each station.

We spent hours - HOURS! - falling in line, eating, falling in line, eating and so on and so fort. BUT we really enjoyed all of the dishes! I personally love the Philippine dishes! Maybe because I'm too hungry that day that I want nothing but comfort food - and I believe that there's nothing more comforting than our our dishes. :-)

After that, we were invited to check the front area and have a sit there. There were tables and chairs lined up there and more delicious dishes prepared by the country's renowned chefs - The Laudicos.

And since, we were "important" guests, according to our dear friend Jigs and our new found friend Ma'am Cecille,  we had a chance to taste those dishes while enjoying the wonderful show prepared for all the guests of Eats Asia 3.

A raffle draw was also held wherein they gave away exciting and tummy-filling gifts and some cooking demos were presented by these amazing chefs from teh school invited to present here in Eats Asia 3.

A Fastest Eater contest also took place that made the whole event more exciting! Our friend Abe joined in, but he was beaten by a bigger guy. Hehehe. Better luck next time, Abe! ^_^

The whole event ended around 5 in the afternoon with all the guest leaving with big tummies and smiling faces all because of this very fulfilling afternoon that we all had.

Congratulations, Asia Food Channel! May you have more Eats Asia!
Til next year of this exciting, fun and tummy-filling festivity!

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