My First-Ever Flawless Experience

The name of this company doesn't  need anymore introduction for I know most of you have been here and keeps on going back to have your dose of beauty treatment or treatments. And so, to cut this hullabaloo short, I went there last Saturday night to have my first-ever treatment from them. And I must say, I was quite happy with the outcome of my treatment from Flawless. ^_^

It was almost 5:30 in the afternoon when I went to SM Makati and go directly to its Flawless branch. I was booked for a facial treatment for between 5 to 6 p.m. and I'm glad that by the time I arrived, they already have an available attendant who will be doing the procedure to me.

I'm 28 years old, and believe it or not, this is just my second time to undergo a facial treatment. My first one was last year, and with that treatment from a different clinic, which I was quite impressed too, I learned the importance of having a facial treatment once in a while. Though, the pricking part still haunts me. ^_^

Anyway, the reason why I'm here was actually I was asked if I can review their Age-Defying Facial Treatment.

I'm not that vain, really. But if I were asked for a free beauty treatment and it'll be done by a beauty clinic that holds a good reputation, then why not! Ain't the best things in life are free? Hehehe.

When I decided to go there, I'm still quite nervous, though, but I know that I need this facial treatment since I'm tiring myself out lately and I'm really feeling and seeing the signs of aging in me. Plus, I've been to a lot of places too, in where I think my face took all the dust from the road trips that I had.

Okay, I was welcomed by Ate Beth, the sweet and all-smile receptionist of the SM Makati branch, upon entering the clinic. Since she was already aware of my mission there, she gave this paper for me to sign and then she introduced me to Ate Les who will be doing the procedure.

Since I'm quite nervous and excited that afternoon, I told to Ate Les that I'll just go to the comfort room first to prepare myself while she prepares that stuff that she'll needing for the treatment.

Honestly, I went to the bathroom just to take a photo myself. Hahaha! I want to share a Before-and-After The Treatment thing with you, and taking a pictures is best tool for it. ^_^ When I came back, I asked to Ate Les to tell me the steps that she'll be doing to my face and the stuff that she'll be putting on my face. And so, without further ado, here's the Age Defying Facial Treatment by Flawless.

Age-Defying Facial Treatment starts with a facial massage that took about 5 minutes. Then it was immediately followed by a facial scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells. The Facial Scrub took some more minutes then Ate Les cleanse all those tiny particles with a hot face towel.

Those starting procedures were followed with Steaming and the application of Eye Distressing Cream. Eye Distressing Cream was used to treat the dark circles around the eyes. It felt really good. And while letting the cream works, Ate Len picked up my two hands massaged them gently placed them inside a hot moist pack.

It was my most favorite part of this whole treatment.

But then it was cut short when Ate Len turned off the steamer, took off the Eye Distressing Cream and pulled my hands out of the Hot Moist Pack. She slowly whispered to me that I have to undergo the Extracting phase.

I know that with all the stress that my face had gone through, I have to go to such phase, so I told her that I'm ready. And though I knew by that time that her hands moves swiftly and touched my face so gently, I still reminded her to prick whatever she needs to prick "more" gently. Yeah, I'm so cautious. LOL.

In all fairness, she really did her job really well, with the pricking and all, though, it hurts so much on my end, I can feel that she's taking all the unnecessary dots on my face. So, even though, it hurts so much, I'm still thankful that she's good.

The pricking took about 15 minutes or less, I guess. And so after that, Ate Les wiped a clean cotton with toner on my face. The smell of the toner was good that it made me to ask her what kind of toner was that, and she said that it was a witch hazel toner.

After that tear-jerking part, Ate Les placed a wide white gauze on my face. She told me to close my eyes because she'll be doing this laser procedure to close the pores. She said that this laser will help heal the "wounds" that were caused by the extracting. This part lasted for 5 minutes or so. Immediately after that, the coolest part took place.

A collagen cream was applied on my face - this collagen cream will help in the anti-aging process on my skin. It stayed on my face for like 30 minutes or so. It was like a mudpack but only white. ^_^

After that 30 minutes, Ate Les removed the now solid cream off of my face with hot compress and immediately followed by a cold compress. She said that it was done that quick to keep the pores intact and to reduce the redness of my face. Then, she sprayed some liquid Vitamin C on my face to keep my face glowing and to help my skin stay healthy then capped the whole treatment with a moisturizer to keep my skin fine and nice. :-)

According to her, it is advisable to have this treatment once every two weeks to really achieve the young-looking face. But if you are too busy, like me, once a month would be fine.

I was advised to keep face dry and let it rest for 8 hours. It was a nice procedure, really. And even though I left the operating bed with red face, my face felt light and really nice. I can even still smell the sweet, nice scent of the vitamins and the moisturizer that really made me feel wonderful.

Ate Les said that in order to feel and enjoy this whole age-defying facial treatment, patients are advise to take skin-lift collagen tablets which are available from Flawless, too. She gave me one bag, and I think, with the number of the tablets inside this pouch, it'll last for a month. Hehehe. 

Three tablets a night after dinner or before I sleep, so, yeah, I have my maintenance now. Hehe. All in the name of B-E-A-U-T-Y.

With all the nice things that I felt during the treatment and all the amazing feel that I can see on my face right now, I'm sure that I'll go back here in Flawless and get the proper beauty treatment that I need to keep and I desired to experience. I saw their "menu" kind of thing, and I think there's about a hundred of treatments that looks so interesting to try! 

Now, I'm sounding like a vain person! Hahaha!

Thank you, Ate Les and Ate Beth!
Thank you, Flawless - SM Makati. I guess, I'll be seeing you again next month! ^_^

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