UnionBank + GCASH = eMoney XChange

Now, transferring funds to your GCASH mobile wallet or depositing funds to your UnionBank's EON, E-Wallet, ePayCard and even regular savings and checking accounts is a lot easier by the partnership of GCASH and UnionBank. With their latest banking solution that will be a great help to consumers, eMoney XChange will make our lives and shopping experiences easier and more convenient.

I got to attend the launch of this program last week, and since I'm an online person who usually pay or get paid for my writing services through the internet, or sometimes through mobile wallets, I was curious as to what is this newest banking solution could do to the spending public.

According to Mr. Antonino Fajardo of UnionBank, Mr. Paolo Balatao, President of G-XChange Inc., and Mr. Ramon Duarte, Senior Vice President of Retail Product Development of UnionBank, getting an eMoney XChange account is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

You gotta have a UnionBank account and an activated GCASH account to avail this amazing program.

To apply for a UnionBank account, just visit any of the UnionBank branches, don't forget to bring a valid identification card and Php500.00, for your minimum balance, to open an account. 

As for the GCASH account, to activate your GCASH service on your Globe mobile phone, just simply follow the instruction on this flyer that I photographed.

I do not have a UnionBank account before attending this program, and since I find their idea so nice and really convenient, I joined the bandwagon and applied for my own UnionBank's EON account, which was available there. I just presented an I.D. together with the minimum account, and after some few minutes, I already have my ATM card!

If you are a new UnionBank account owner like me, when you apply for an account, you can ask assistance from bank personnel to merge you GCASH with your UnionBank account. But if not, and you already have those two stuff and just want to avail the eMoney XChange, you can just call the UnionBank customer service at 84-186 to register your Globe mobile number and your nominated UnionBank account.

Once your accounts have been checked, you'll receive an SMS saying that your accounts have been merged and you can avail of eMoney XChange service.

In eMoney XChange you can CASH OUT your GCASH money by just texting  in G2U space to 2318. You'll receive confirmation details informing you that you can now withdraw your money at any nearest UnionBank ATMs and any other VISA-Megalink ATMs once the SMS transaction has been verified.

You can also do the TOP UP where you can transfer money from your UnionBank account to you GCASH mobile wallet. All you have to do is text in U2G space to 2318. You'll receive confirmation details telling you that your GCASH mobile wallet has received money from your UnionBank account.

And with this great service, you can also check your UnionBank account balance. Simply key in BAL and send it to 2318 to receive an SMS report about your outstanding UnionBank account balance.

Each transfer service will cost you Php7.50 and every balance inquiry is at Php2.50. Not bad, I suppose. You can easily control your money by just keying in all those magic codes. Hehe. ^_^

Though, I don't wanna sound pessimistic, I got a chance to ask about the program's security features and what should we do in case of theft or other uncontrollable circumstances.

They said that it is still advisable to keep your belongings at a safe place and make sure that you do have a password for your mobile phone. If in case you loss your phone or your phone was stolen, you can quickly deactivate your eMoney Xchange by simply calling to UnionBank's Customer Service and reporting the incident.

To know more about this great news and it's other features, you can visit UnionBank's website at www.unionbankph.com.

Spend wisely, everyone! ^_^

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