Tunog Natin 2: OPM Getting Stronger

Just as promised, I celebrated my whole weekend with OPM all in my mind. Despite of the rain showers that's drowning the metropolis, I pushed myself really hard to witness one of the most anticipated and outstanding concert series in Metro Manila last Saturday, the Avida Land Corporation's all-OPM free concert - Tunog Natin!

On it's second leg, which was held at Avida Centera in Mandaluyong City, they brought some of the country's amazing individual musicians, as well as rocking OPM bands to collaborate and pay tribute to the importance of OPM music to us.

Among the artists who graced the event that I got a chance to watch were The Dawn who rocked our world with their chart-topper hits.

The Dawn

Jet Pangan and the rest of the band is indeed the country's treasure that we should be proud of. Every one was literally jumping the moment the band started singing their hits and I got to record one of their numbers, I hope you'd appreciate this short video that I have. ^_^ Sorry for the shaky hands, I was singing along with them. Hehe.

After that one rocking performance, it was immediately followed by one of the building foundations of OPM, the very good actress and singer, Miss Mitch Valdez.

Mitch Valdez

Oh, I miss this woman! I used to laugh at her jokes everytime I got a chance to watch her on TV back then. Not that I'm that old, but Miss Mitch Valdez is one of the very few that I consider a great artist in this country. She is really versatile and really good at what she does. And that night, she exemplified her expertise in different genre. And oh, boy, the crowd really went wild laughing at her jokes and impersonations of Miss Pelita Corales, Vernie Varga and Sharon Cuneta.

And since I rarely see her and I really idolize this  woman, I didn't let the chance to miss having a photo with her. Wee! Fan mode. Hehe.

I also got a chance to see and meet Myrus, who is also the acting head of this Avida Land Corporation's project, Barbie Almalbis, who was rehearsing at the backstage when I caught up with her and Aiza Seguerra, who was so excited to see the audience of this great cause.


Barbie Almalbis

Aiza Seguerra

Other artists who shared their talents that night were Kitchie Nadal, the pop rock band Tanya Markova, Pinoy Dream Academy's Davey Langit, the returnee True Faith, who never fail to excite the audience, Miss Faith Cuneta who serenaded the male audience, and the country's newest pop quartet Kiss Jane.

This free concert  coincides with the celebration of the launch date of the second tower of Avida Towers Centera in Mandaluyong City.

Congratulations to all the artists and producers who do not get tired of helping the local music industry! May this great cause be a start of something greater for the local music industry!
Thank you, Avida! Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino!
Let's keep supporting OPM, guys! ^_^

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