The 10th White Party Manila

To be honest, it was just my second time to attend White Party Celebration, and my last weekend's attendance to this super colorful event was just an accident. But I ENJOYED IT, somehow. Hahaha!

I really thought that what they have there that night was just some program for The Red Whistle, an online community that is aiming to control the spread of HIV virus in Manila, but I was wrong when I saw that the corner of Julio Nakpil and Mario Orosa Streets closed due to this event - the 10th White Party Manila.

As far as I know, the LGBT Community celebrates White Party every June, which is also the Pride Month, but probably due to the typhoon that hit the metropolis last month, they slated it to July. And so they had it last Saturday, July 16.

Actually, I was supposed to be here with my superfriends, but they thought that it'll be a great idea if they'd leave me there all alone to practice my skills of socializing... Hahaha! And to prepare myself to my solo vacation in Boracay. ^_^

So, since I'm not that flirt, I FAILED THEM! Haha! But, don't worry, even though I didn't get a chance to meet someone from the party, I enjoyed the night taking pictures of people who really took the opportunity to showoff their "real being". Hehe.

There's an entrance fee to get inside the barricaded party venue. I paid Php100.00 to get in, but the entrance fee goes with a free drink, so I found quite reasonable.

When I got inside the party place, I felt a little anxious. Attending a party like this, all alone and even if it is open to all, feels like crashing someone else's party... I don't like the feeling.

I almost stepped back when I felt that, but when I realized that I'm carrying Ne-Yo (my camera), I braved in til I found a nice spot where I started clicking my camera.

It was almost midnight when I got there, and even though the guys all over me were not that really tipsy, I can sense some were staring at me, kind of flirting stares. (Nakakahaba ng hair, sa totoo lang!) Hahaha! But I put in my mind that I was there to take photos - photos that I can share here on my blog, so I didn't mind them. Hihih. (Pakipot effect.)

I saw familiar faces in there like Niccolo Cosme, who spearheaded the Read Whistle campaign, one of my favourite online personalities, Bekimon, and then some.

I just stayed there til 3 in the morning because I'm kinda worried that my parents will wonder where I might have been, especially when I just told them that I'll just see Harry Potter's last movie. Hehehe. And I can sense that the bekis are starting to get wild. Hahaha! I'm still after TRUE LOVE and not some one night stand, you know. ^_^ (Dalagang Filipina)

So I find my way out and didn't looked back. ^_^ (I'm a good guy, promise!)  :-P

Congratulations to the team of White Party Manila! Happy 10th!
I just hope that next year, you'll not have grilling stations inside the party venue. ^_^ 

Happy Pride! Love, love, love! ^_^


elmerlovesoreo said...

Ang daming maligno :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Grabe... Baaaad! Sarap nga nila picture-an eh, nakakatuwa ang mag outfits. ^_^