I am a GSM Blueniversity Graduate!

Ever dream of leaving your school or university drunk? Hahha! Well, I guess, this is the perfect place and time for those "tomadors" and "tomaderas" to shine as GSM Blue recently launched the second year of their GSM Blueniversity.

GSM Blueniversity is a GSM Blue project that aims to teach aspiring bar tenders especially Hotel and Restaurant Management students to mix drinks, master flairtending and practice responsible drinking.

I had a chance to meet some of the guys from the GSM Blueniversity during its bloggers' night at Capones in Makati City and I'd say that what they've told and showed us really inspired the juggler in me - and the drinker too! Hehehe.

On the said night, headed by Perlas and Luna PR Director and GSM Blueniversity Dean Jayce Perlas, we were taught to create some interesting and refreshing drinks using GSM Blue and how to do some magical tricks through flairtending.

It was that night that I also learned the difference between a cocktail and a punch. According to our professor, you'll know that a drink is a cocktail if that drink has a more alcohol flavor than of of the fruit juice. And it is a punch if the fruit flavor or sweetness overpowers the taste of the alcohol.

A contest of cocktail mixing was also held where three bloggers were asked to mix cocktail ingredients that would represent their personalities. 

The two guys, according to the judges created something that were nice and smooth but still had that masculine appeal, while Ria, the only girl in the group, created a purple-ish drink that was sweet, nice and refreshing.

The judges had a hard time deciding who made the best drink, so they just announced that all of them were winners. Wee!

After that, GSM Blue peeps also announced their upcoming Flair Idol contest - an American-Idol like contest where competing participants have to outwit, outplay and outlast one another by coming up with an outstanding cocktail while performing some magical flairtending steps.

The night ended with a graduation-like program where guest-bloggers were handed out with a certificate telling that they've just graduated from GSM Blueniveristy. And to cap the whole program, Dean Jayce Perlas announced Mommy Lariza as the sole toma-cum laude of the night.

Everyone left the venue with a newly acquired bar-tending knowldge and some GSM Blue stuff that we can use to practice this soon-to-be talent.

So, for my fellow "tomadors" and "tomaders", GSM Blueniversity is now waiting for you! *hic*
Hope to see you there soon!

Thank you, GSM Blue! And congratulations to all the winners!
Drink moderately! ^_^


SunnyToast said...

Thanks for this info..timely nandito little bro ko he wants to master such thing:)

Event Lover said...

last November 2010 I attended the Flair Idol Finale at MOA hoping that i can attend this years Flair Idol