Tunog Natin: An All-OPM Concert

Don't you just miss listening to those song that truly say what's in your heart? The melodies, the rhythm and the lyrics that lets you express how Filipino you are?

Last June 15 was a night for OPM artists to prove to each and everyone that despite of its nearing downfall, OPM songs are still here and will always be here because OPM is Tunog Natin.

Spearheaded by Avida Land Corporation, a leading real estate company, together with the launch of their latest condominium project in San Lorenzo, Makati, a free-concert was held to help revive the Filipino audience's interest to our homegrown artists and locally-produced records.

Held at Ayala Triangle Garden in Makati City, the said concert was hosted by DJ Gelli Victor of Monster Radio RX 93.1 and was attended by numerous well-known and upcoming local OPM artists.

DJ Gelli Victor

One of them was from the most loved OPM band, APO's Jim Paredes

Jim sung his new single, which used our national language - Filipino. A solo artist now, Jim aims to share his talent to the young generation who are currently accustomed to the Western songs.

Jim Paredes

Then, there was the 6cyclemind, too, who rocked the concert venue with their popular rock-love songs. Girls can't help but to shrill with the band's new vocalist, Tutti! ^_^


Also present was the newest teen sensation boyband, 1:43. Composed of Yuki, Gold, Kim and Anjo, the girls were mesmerized with the band's kilig-to-the-bones smiles and pop songs.


After some few more minutes, the air was filled with bossa nova music as Sitti took the center-stage and made everyone at ease and singing along.


But after that, one rocking band made the girls go gaga again as Kean Cipriano of Callalily serenaded them with his bad boyish style.


Any concert wouldn't be complete without one of the country's best OPM bands, True Faith brought  back the 90's best of the best with their chart topper songs.

True Faith

Pedicab gave out an outstanding alternative rock performance, which were enjoyed by young and old. I enjoyed it, too, and I guess I'll be buying their album. ^_^


And lastly, Princess Velasco serenaded us with her acoustic songs that I really love. Plus, she is so pretty in person. ^_^

Princess Velasco

It was indeed a night of OPM celebration that really made me so proud. I just hope that we'll get more support in promoting OPM music so that these talents won't go to waste.

To Avida Land, you've just made me love you more! May this concert be a start of a prosperous OPM era.

Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino!

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this event was very nice, i really love music..