Watsons and Unilab's Fight Against Superbug

Rainy season is the season of illness. And as each everyone takes extra vitamins to fight these illnesses, some just can't afford to buy even the cheapest vitamin for their body. So, with this medical problem that our country is facing now, Watsons Pharmacy and Unilab Pharmaceuticals came up with a project that will be truly beneficial to every Juans out there - the Watson and Unilab's Compliance Pack.

In a press conference held at Shangri-La EDSA, which was hosted by Cheryl Cosim, media personnel were warned about the deadly "Superbug" that has been spreading in different countries worldwide. It is said that this "Superbug" is known as the the deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria and is currently incurable.

Cheryl Cosim

But, according to Dr. Rontgene Solante, president of Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Mr. Lyle Morell of Watsons Pharmacy and Atty. Jose Maria Ochave of Unilab Pharmaceuticals, this superbug, even though incurable, can be prevented. And that is simply keeping good personal habits and taking vitamins and antibiotics the proper way.

In the said medical forum, the misuse of antibiotics was set to be the main reason why this superbug keeps spreading like wildfire. Ignorance, wrong beliefs and poverty were marked as the main factors that lead people to the misuse of antibiotics. Topping the survey that they did with regards to the common misuse practices were self-medication, non-compliance with antibiotic dosage and unsanitary habits.

And so, Watsons Pharmacy and Unilab came up with a great idea for every individual to avoid and stop the misuse of antibiotics. They are targeting to implement a campaign that will teach and promote good compliance with the right antibiotic. And going hand-in-hand with the Department of Health (DoH) and media, this project aims to disseminate information and also to sell this Watsons and Unilab's Compliance Pack at a very affordable price.

These Compiance Packs are exclusively sold in all Watsons Pharmacy outlets. They came in this box that contains 21 pieces of antibiotics - just right for a week-long medication, which is the usual prescribed duration in taking these meds. Educational materials can also be found inside the box of Compliance Pack that will teach consumers about infections and how to properly treat them even without antibiotics.

As they always say, "Prevention is better than cure." And with this wonderful news from Watsons and Unilab, there's no excuse to miss and misuse antibiotics and we now have a strong defense against the superbug.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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