NatGeo brings Street Smart

If you think you're smart, well, wait till you catch the newest and first-ever locally produced mini series by National Geographic Channel and maybe - just maybe - you'll realize that being a street smart is what you needed to be.

Last week, I go to attend the launch of Street Smart - National Geographic Channel's latest offering to Filipino viewers who are into culture and science. It is a three one-hour episodic show that ask simple questions about everyday life and goes about answering them through experts - street experts.

Hosted by National Geographic Channel's Live Curious ambassador Mitzi Borromeo, Street Smart will definitely one of the most-awaited TV series to catch this coming July.

Gracing the launch were Nancy Reyes-Lumen a.k.a. Adobo Queen, Sabrina Batac, R.N.D. and Dr. Bong Casis who shed some lights on some food and diet issues.

Premiering with "Sinisintang Chibog" (Food Beloved), Street Smart's take to a deeper look at  Filipinos' love and passion towards food, it will be followed by a second episode entitled "Flavors of Our Lives, which will talk about the science of flavors. And lastly, the third episode is "Chibog Chismis" (Food Rumors), a somehow Mythbuster-y take on the facts and fictions on some Pinoy food.

I had a lot of laughs as I am watching its first episode during the launch. This is something I'm not  expecting from NGC, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it. It is full of information as much as funny thoughts that made me crave for the second episode. Hehehe. Unfortunately, I have to wait for July to see the second episode, so for now, all I can do is to put it in my calendar to make sure not to miss it. Hehe.

Street Smart will also tackle topics about technology, music, love and attraction, shopping and health - topics that definitely tickled every Pinoy's mind.

So, mark your calendars because July is the month to get Street Smart!

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SunnyToast said...

Informative post..I guess i should catch up with this TV show:)