The Alveo Southside Street Fair

The weekend before the rainy season officially hit the country, I was able to visit Nuvali again. I love visiting or going to Nuvali because that place is just so lovely and so peaceful. Anyways, that weekend, I was able to catch their latest offering to those who are aspiring to see the southern part of the country in a more festive way - Walk on the Southside: The Alveo Southside Street Fair.

Brought to us by Verdana Homes Mamplasan, Treveia Nuvali and Venare Nuvali, this colorful and bountiful festivity featured the best of the best of the southern side - from arts and crafts, fitness and lifestyle, home and pet grooming up to sports and food!

Upon reaching Solenad - the main recreation are of Nuvali - we were greeted by this environmental exhibit which was showcasing some alternative/environment friendly gadgets and household tools that we can use in our homes. The prices vary, but they go with discounts. There are also some booths that were showcasing the tourist spots of the South, and you can avail tickets and get some cool info from them, too!

After checking out those booths, we took a boat ride going to the Evoliving Center - the main building that will tell you about the creation of Nuvali.

In there, the real festivity happens. We were welcomed by a group of people playing drums, poi and fire! They prepared an exciting number that really boosted up our excitement and made us felt the amazing world of the south - knowing that southern provinces are also great in festival parties.

Then, we were led to one of the food stall there where goat's milk was their main product. We were introduced to the owner of the booth and then he demonstrated how they create a Kesong Puti out of goat's milk.

It was pretty easy, really. But of course, raising a got and milking wouldn't be. Hehehe. They also shared to us their goats' ice cream and goat's soap.

After that, a demonstration of clay vase was held on the other end. It's only from telly that I get to see this kind of thing, and so witnessing a clay turned into a nice looking vase right in front of my eyes was really spectacular for me. That owner asked for volunteer who wanna try it, I would've love to but I don't have extra shirt, so I just said pass. Hehe. Hopefully, on my next visit I will get a chance to create my first-ever clay pot. Hehehe.

There was also a stall for bonsai making, for those who love plants, a stall for figurine making, for those who are into carving and stuff, and then there's the Design Your Own Frisbee, which is perfect for kids.

The fun and excitement made more incredible as these dogs stole the spotlight with their amazing tricks. My favorite part of their show was when their trainer asked one of the dogs to solve the math problem that he gave - very, very cool!

This whole festivity wouldn't be that complete, of course, without pasalubong. And in this street fair, a wide variety of Southern delicacies can be bought at a very friendly price. I brought home of it and I'm glad that my parents and nieces enjoyed it. ^_^

After those dancing, eating and other fun activities, to cap the fun, a short yoga session was held, demonstrating some outstanding yoga styles that made us so inspired and somehow relaxed.

That weekend was indeed a perfect way to end summer, and I'm glad that I was in Nuvali that time. I'm planning to visit again there one of these day - that is if the sun is up. I believe this will be a weekend thing at Nuvali. ^_^

So, I guess, see you all there! ^_^

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