Let's Go Sago's Akyat Pinatubo!

This trip wouldn't be as successful as it was without the amazing and generous idea of Jonel Uy of Let's Go Sago! So before I start sharing to all of you what happened to us last Saturday for this Akyat Pinatubo - a climb for a cause, lemme congratulate Jonel, Sago, Travel Factor and the rest of the sponsors who made this amazing and truly fantastic event possible! Congratulations and thank you!!!

Last Saturday was my first time to trek or hike, and I'm glad that my first time was great. Great because I was with a group of people whom I find achievers because we all made it to the crater of the volcano and managed to swim and enjoy the sun up there. Woo-hoo!

It wasn't easy for us going up there since we were all first-timers. The 4-by-4 ride was really nerve-racking and brain shaking, good thing I have with me thrill-seeking bloggers who made the ride fun and memorable. After that, as we started taking the trail of the two-hour trek, rain showers welcomed us making the trail all sticky and muddy and very unpredictable. Streams were everywhere rolling down from the uphill making it more challenging and the thought that one of those huge piles of mud might erode was a somehow playing in my mind. Thank you, God, that didn't happen! ^_^

I slipped twice for stepping on a wrong stone, but I managed to get up and return home without any bruise or something. The trail that we took was a real challenge to all of us, stepping on rocks here and there. Boy, my feet really ache.

But by time we reached the resting area, despite of thirst and aching legs, we knew that we were almost there. So, after some few-minute rest, we trekked up to the crater and then....


It was an amazing view worth spending money, time and effort. And yes, if I'd be given a chance again, I would love, love, love to visit again and see Mount Pinatubo's wonders.

Who would've thought that after 20 years of eruption - a devastating eruption which rocked almost the whole world - we would have a breathtaking scenery like this that is truly a world class.

Truly, God works in mysterious ways. ^_^

The itinerary that we had was followed, so even the side trip to Capas National Shrine pushed through.

It was a pleasure to be in a  company  of nice people who share the same interest as yours. And appreciating the beauty and wonders of nature made more meaningful because you have people around you who share the same goal, to serve and protect the nature. So, to the guys I've met, I hope I can all be a friend to you and I wish that we all meet again soon and have our next trip with the rest of the organizers! ^_^

Again, congratulation to organizing team of Akyat Pinatubo and may this great endeavor prosper and continues! Cheers!

Go, Let's Go Sago! ^_^

P.S. Please do check out my travel blog - Rammmpa! - for the detailed story of this Mount Pinatubo trip. Thanks!


LetsGoSago.net said...

Thanks for the post Alex.

Lakihan mo yung jumpshot photo! maganda un! :P

Liz SWORD said...

heya! nice meeting you @ pinatubo. lol. hope you can visit my blog and read my post about it, too!


Yodi Insigne said...

late na yung bloghopping ko...
anyway, this blogger event is really worth it...
also I find this blog very informative - will include you on my blogroll.