The LG Electronics' 3D Cinema TV and Smart TV Launch

As the whole digital world goes crazy over the innovation of every gadget in this world, LG Electronics, one of  the leading  LED and LCD innovator, just joined the fun with the release of their two top-notch televisions - the 3D Cinema TV and the Smart TV.

During its launch at Shangri-La Makati, LG presented a cinematic performance of how their two latest innovations that can cope up with the fast-changing scene in television history.

With a performance of sand painting sharing some of the popular scenes from hit movies to the exhibit of the jaw-dropping tellies, LG let us experience how they will uplift the future owners of their latest offerings.

The Cinema 3D TV is the 3D TV that has flicker-free technology, which virtually eliminates feelings of dizziness. It make use of FPR glasses that are so light and easy to use. With it's weight of 16 grams, owner doesn't have to use battery or need to recharge the said 3D glasses. These glasses also comes in electromagnetic waves-free feature that will make you feel convenient and safe to use.

This amazing Cinema 3D TV also offers a brighter, clearer 3D pictures with its 3D Light Boost Coat - a thin film covering that counteracts any dimness that occurs with traditional 3D TVs.

Your family and friends wouldn't be having problems too watching on this TV because it offers a flexible viewing positions, allowing viewers to enjoy clear and bright 3D pictures even if they are lying down or leaning back in any spot in front of the 3D Cinema TV.

On the other hand, as the other companies release their Smart TV, LG also presented their version with promises such as full entertainment access from a single screen with its Home Dashboard feature, easy access on the Internet with its Point, Click, Control and Simply Smarter feature and the Smart  Share that allows immediate wireless access to any content on your PC or Smart Phone.

And for those remote-addicts, LG Smart TV is equipped with the Magic Motion Remote Control - an intuitive control linked to a UI, which offers single click access. And finally, this Smart TV also features a wide selection of LG Apps that will give its owners a more enjoyable and out-of-this-world TV experience.

The event ended with a question and answer with the panel of LG experts over a sumptuous lunch.

The competition on high-end television is getting tougher, and we, the consuming public, are certainly rejoicing  about these wonderful outcomes. I just hope that there are affordable tellies like these that I can afford. Hehehe.

Congratulations to LG Electronics!