Chuck Bass + Penshoppe = OMG!

On it's 25 year anniversary, Penshoppe, a leading brand in casual clothing brings an upper east sider in the name of Chuck Bass.

And since I'm a big Gossip Girl fan, I can't help but to get too excited about this great news. Ed Westwick a.k.a. Chuck Bass will be here in Manila this week for a photo shoot with Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste for the pre-Holiday 2011 to Summer 2012 collection of Penshoppe!

This is also the start of Penshoppe going global as they will soon release their sophisticated yet very affordable clothing line to the whole wide world. You know you love it!

And this just in, I grabbed a picture of Ed Westwick with PR Asia Director Joyce Ramirez from Twitter. Hahaha! (sorry, Miss Joyce, paparazzi mode ^_^) PR Asia is the PR firm behind this great happening here in our country! Thank you, Miss Joyce for bring Chuck Bass here! Wee!

I hope I'll get a chance to see Chuck in person! Wee!

For sure, we'll love Penshoppe more now that they have Chuck Bass! Wee!

Welcome to Manila, Chuck Bass!


Mekinudols said...

Wee! Sama ko! Wee! haha

SunnyToast said...

For sure gulo mode na naman ang

wish ko rin makita sya:")

Your new follower hope you follow back:)