The Electrolux Wok-a-holic Grand Finals

Considered as one of the most used cookware in the kitchen, in the recently concluded Electrolux cook-off competition entitled Wok-a-Holic Level Up!, wok or "kawali" played a vital role in this competition of these aspiring chefs and showed to everybody how the newest line of cooking ranges from Electrolux can help you to be a superstar in your own kitchen.

With the three last-standing teams vying to be the champion of this competition, which was held at Cash and Carry - Makati, Team Palanan, Team Gourmet Chefs and Team Yummy Moms "outcook" one another by presenting two yummy dishes - one baked dish and one wok-cooked dish.

Since I came to witness the event as a food blogger, representing my food blog Lafanggero, I was asked to be part of the "media judges" and we were tasked to award the medal that they gave to us to the the team who we think deserves to win - of course, our decision will be based from the dishes that they'll present to us.

Primary judges for this cook-off are celebrity chef Bruce Lim, Appetit Magazine's dditor-in-chief Nina Daza Puyat, Electrolux Philippines' general manager Malu Estaris, World Food Expo's in-house chef Paulo Domingo and Cash and Carry Supermaket's general manager Fidian Ples.

Grand finalist were given one hour to prepare their dishes right in front of us using the available ingredients, tools and Electrolux appliances.

And since, an hour of waiting for our food to be cooked was a lot, program host Winnie Cordero entertained us with her funny antics, useful cooking tips and informative Electrolux trivia. She also introduced the amazing features of Electrolux appliance such as the washing machines, refrigerators, cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and hoods.

Lucky mall goers who were there to buy Electrolux appliances that day got some sweet discounts as Electrolux Philippines generously handed out coupons to those who will avail their products that day.

And so, after an hour of talking and listening to Tita Winnie, the food tasting started.

Team Palanan's Dishes

Team Gourmet Chefs' Dishes

Team Yummy Moms' Dishes

Team Yummy Moms prepared green healthy dishes, Gourmet Chef prepared some fine-dining dishes, while the Palanan Team gave us some comfy food.

Then, after some minutes of chewing and tasting, we were asked to give our verdicts and handed out the medal to the team who we think was the best. My heart and tummy was honestly torn between Team Gourmet Chefs and Team Yummy Moms. Their dishes tasted really good, but Yummy Moms' dishes had this impact that really got me, so I gave my vote to them.

All in all, for the media's choice, Team Gourmet Chefs got two medals and Team Yummy Moms got 3 medals, so they were hailed as the Media's Choice Chefs.

As for the real judges choices, after some deliberation and cooking tips that they shared to all of us, Team Palanan was announced to be the 2nd Placer, Team Gourmet Chefs got the 1st Runner-Up and Team Yummy Moms was named the Champion for this Electrolux Wok-a-Holic Level up! Cook Off!

To Electorlux Philippines and to the three teams, congratulations!
May we always have great food in our meals!
Happy cooking and happy eating!  Cheers!  ^_^

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Event Lover said...

this is great i, a cooking competition, i wish i was there too to witness their talents and taste their creations