The Fashion Academy Manila Launch

I'm proud to say that I'm one of those many that is attracted to the world of fashion. I don't what's with it but every time I got invited to see a fashion show or some sort of gathering of fashionistas, I never say no. Probably, it has something to do with me love taking pictures of beautiful things and of beautiful people.

And last week, I got to be part of the unveiling of Manila's new center for the soon-to-be sought-after fashion professionals on this land.

But before that, let me share to you first these amazing photos that multi-awarded photographer Xander Angles took for the exhibit and launch, too, of Visualzine - an art and fashion magazine created for The Fashion Academy Manila.

As the program started, everyone was introduced to their talented pool of masters. I was actually surprised too see familiar faces that are really taking this industry professionally. SO TYRA BANKS! I love it!

The academy promises a fresher and better platform for those who would want to take Photography, Make-Up, Hair Creatives, Fashion, Styling, Modeling, Artists' Lab and Personality Enhancement classes. And with the right tools, as well as the necessary knowledge and insights through professional mentors, indeed, The Fashion Academy Manila will soon be the hottest breeding ground for beauty and fashion lovers.

I honestly got interested when I heard that they have something for photography, but I think I can't afford to finance myself for a class or two in this academy. I think I'll just settle for self-study. Anyways, here are my shots in covering this event.

Since, I've said that I'm into photography, and it is rare for me to be surrounded by a lot of beautiful people this close, I took the chance to practice my black and white photography. ^_^

The Fashion Academy Manila is really a great news for those who want to take a further step into the world of fashion. And having this academy around, I think , we'll be expecting more great things in the world of fashion.

The Fashion Academy Manila is located at the 3rd Floor of A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City. You can check out their website at

Good luck to The Fashion Academy Manila! More power! ^_^

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