Freeway presents F. Sionil Jose

I've been attending awesome events for these past years, and lately I've been to events that I think stood out from the others. One of those events that I've attended lately that really inspired me as a whole was the Freeway Art's National Artist Collector's Series presentation. 

And on this event, spotlights were on for our National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose.

I'd be honest about this, it was my first time meet this man, and even though I'm kinda aware of his great works, I haven't read any of them completely. And so, attending this event was kinda an eye-opener to me, too.

Hosted by the very humble Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, another country's pride who I also idolize, a fashion event turned into a literary-slash-stage play for the guest story tellers Cherie Gil and Lourd De Veyra lighted up the exciting night.

The show started with a little background music that set the mood, then a little background about our national artist F. Sionil Jose.

All ears and eyes were on towards the stage as soon as Cherie Gil and Lourd De Veyra delivered their stories. They had two stories each, but I'd say that Cherie Gil really made us all stay on our seats. She is so great! Nerve-racking but great!

After that, what I thought would be as nerve-racking as the story-telling was  turned to be a breather as the one-on-one interview of Ms. Elizalde with F. Sionil gave out interesting facts and ideas as he wholeheartedly answered all the questions thrown at him by the host.

He, indeed, deserves the attention that night. And he, indeed, deserves the honor of being a national artist.

Here are some of the items that Freeway Art produced for the fifth installment of their National Artists Collector's Series.

You can avail these items and some other F.Sionil Jose-Freeway Collection items at all Freeway/The Ramp store.

Thanks, Freeway, for this wonderful night!
Mabuhay ang Artistang Filipino!

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