Holiday Monday at G's Spa Place of Wellness

Last Monday, since it was a holiday, I made myself available for the invitation of my friend Ruth to check out this new piece of heaven down in the south of Metro Manila. Three minutes away from Nuvali, G's Spa offers a unique Asian relaxation that you could have imagine. AND, YES, I ENJOYED MY HOLIDAY!

In less than an hour from Manila, we reached G' Spa in the very quiet subdivision of South Forbes Golf City. Located on the third floor of Leticia Tower, one good thing about this place being located on the third level is the peaceful scenery of its subdivision.

Upon entering the building, statues will greet you leading you to the floor where this piece of heaven is located.

A small yet welcoming lounge will make you feel at ease, matching earthy colors that truly signifies the pleasantness of Asian countries.

As for the real interior, any guest will surely fall in love with the peaceful and really comfortable look of the whole place. I love how they managed to maximize this small space into a two-story spa area. Every thing looks so lovely and fits perfectly in.

The service that I had that holiday Monday was a massage. Since I was really inspired by the Asian feel of the whole place I had their one of the massages, the Balinese Massage.

It was my first time to try an Asian massage, and to be honest, I'm not expecting something great about it since what I usually see on TV are Asian massages that are too hard. And I'm kinda acquainted to Swedish massage. ^_^

G's Spa takes pride on their use of pure Macapuno Cream and high grade Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) - a first in the industry of spa and wellness according to them.

Most the massage services that they are offering last for an hour, but if you want extra hour of pampering, I guess, you can have it arranged. They are also offering other wonderful services such as facial and body scrub hence they have different rooms for every service.

The spa area is divided into to section, the lower level is for men and the upper level is for women. Guests can use the shower room, sauna and Jacuzzi. Lockers and vanity kits are also available in every changing rooms.

We were asked by one of the owners to take a shower first before heading to our massages. But we were told to do sauna after the massage, which gave us a frown, but we still followed him even though we really didn't know why.

My Balinese massage went really well. I had some snores, which is a sign that the massage was really relaxing for me. The use of VCO was really soothing, to my surprise. The only downside, I think, was when the oil cooled down in my body it became so sticky.

After an hour of that really soothing massage, we were then led to sauna. And that's when we realized why we were told to have our massage first. With the the VCO on our body while in the sauna, we sweat faster.

I hit the shower again after some minutes in the sauna, and the feeling was too refreshing and rejuvenating.

After fixing myself again, I went back to the receiving area where a hot cup of tea was available. I tell you, that cup of tea shouldn't be missed when you visit G's Spa, really.

My holiday Monday went so great, and I could not ask for more. After that, since we finished a little late, we headed to Nuvali for some delicious meal.

Thank you, G's SPA! You just hit the right relaxing point!

G's Spa
3/F Leticia Tower, South Forbes Golf City, Cavite, Philippines
(across South Forbes Villas and very near Nuvali)
Mon - Sun:10:00 am-11:00 pm
Tel. Number: (049) 502 3729

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Domino in Nuvali said...

Nice holiday Monday! Will definitely add that to my itinerary next time I go South or Nuvali.