GranPrix Econotel Manila: Championing Style, Comfort and Affordability

When I got invited to experience GranPrix Econotel in Manila last weekend, I was kinda excited at the same time curious as to what this new tourist hideout has to offer to the visitors of Manila City.


I was born and been living here in Manila City for all my life, so when it comes to comfort, style and affordability, I guess I can say that I’m expert as to what, where, when and how to look for the best of the best bargains in town. And sometimes, even answering the question why is an easy thing for me to do.

And so, without all due respect, let me share to you my experience with GranPrix Econotel Manila. And let me point out that whatever you’ll read on this blog is base from a true-blooded Manileno’s experience who takes pride for being “a man from Manila.”

GranPrix Econotel Manila is located at the very heart of Manila City. A stone-throw away from Rizal Park, Robinsons Mall Manila and U.S. Embassy, if you wanna experience the real life in Manila, this is a perfect spot for you to start exploring and enjoying the wonderful life and culture of Manileños.

Simple Style – Simple Living

Econotel is considered a top vacationer’s choice to stay in nowadays. Because of its simplicity and no fuss decors, visitors feel more at home and comfortable moving in and out of their rooms.

In GranPrix Econotel Manila, as I entered to their receiving area, I sensed the simplicity yet accommodating feel of the whole place. The complimenting colors of the walls and the furniture made me at ease and gave me a breath of fresh air, which is really different from the busy streets of Manila.

I was welcomed very nicely by their receptionists who were dressed in matching simple uniforms that didn’t intimidate me.

As they escorted me and my colleagues to our rooms, I noticed that the whole place is indeed designed simply. The walls are designed with just one or two frames of oil painted art pieces giving a quick glimpse of Manila and the Philippines. While the corridors are just perfect to pass through – well lighted and well ventilated.

I commend them for the security cameras placed strategically and the fire-prevention features, which are all automatic, to make sure that we are in a safe and convenient place.

As for their rooms, the Easy Bed, Deluxe, Superior, Suite and Family bedrooms are all ready to give you the simple yet satisfying accommodation that you are looking for.

TRIVIA: Did you know that their interior designer is also a radio DJ? Yep, he is no other than Joe D’Mango! ^_^

Comfort We Deserve

True to its major commitment in giving quality and true Manileño service, GranPrix offers a two-thumb up service giving a great value to our money and time.

Other than the usual 24-hour personnel who are always on the run to help their guests, GranPrix Manila offer a unique Manila comfort that any tourist would enjoy.

In the lobby, you’ll see that they provide Internet connection to their guests who wish to use their personal computers. Wi-Fi is also available for free at every floor of the econotel, keeping you connected online anywhere in the vicinity of the place. The econotel itself is adjoined to a souvenir shop, which sells a wide variety of good-quality local products that visitors would love to take home with them as “pasalubongs”. While up on the fifth level, a restaurant named “Namayan”, headed by their 24-year-old executive chef Grenwin Mendoza, is ready to serve tummy-filling and delectable dishes to every guests of any race. At nights, Namayan serenades their guest through a showcase of Manileños’ talent in singing.

And since it is in the heart of Manila City, you have an easy access to malls, parks, bays and transportation if you wish to go out of the city.

Affordability at its finest!

And as many travellers’ major factor in considering the hotel, or in this case, econotel, they’ll be booking, GranPrix Manila made the experience truly and simply comforting with their very affordable price.  

With price as low as Php799.00 for Easy Bedrooms, Php1,500.00 for Superior Rooms, Php1,999.00 to Php2,200.00 for Deluxe Rooms, Php2,599 for Suite Rooms and Php2,500.00 for Family Rooms, GranPrix Manila is truly and should be a part of that Manila life experience that you’ve been wanting to have.

All room rates are applied to single or twin occupancy (except for Easy Bed rooms) and are inclusive of breakfast. The best thing about it is if you are checking in with your sons or daughters who are under 12 years old, maximum of two kids per room, they can stay in for free.

My Verdict

I got a chance to try their Deluxe Room, which is perfect for a family of three or four. I had one queen-size bed and one double bed in the room. There’s also an LCD TV with cable for some viewing pleasure and a toilet and bath with hot and cold shower. I’m not a big fan of hot showers, but I know that there are a lot of people out there whose one of the many concerns in looking for a room to stay-in are stuff like hot shower, so this is really a plus factor for GranPrix Manila.

The staffs were really nice and friendly, and even the owner who was there that night shared some smiles to us, which I think is a good sign to prove that GranPrix Manila is a friendly and happy place to check-in when in Manila.

As for the dishes I had, I’d honestly say that the quality was for a five-star hotel – really, really delicious. The best part about these dishes was when I checked out the prices, they are all worth our peso! Even the "pulutan" we had for our little soiree were all delicious! ^_^

I love how they put up a videoke machine and musical bands at night, because they gave their guests an option to enjoy Malate District on a more convenient and safer  way.

The parking space, though, I didn’t have a car when I visit GranPrix Manila, has an ample space for guests who are coming in with their cars. And it is complete with security personnel.

And lastly, the thing that I really love about the whole place is that they have these trivial designs and furniture, which give guests, especially international guests, some quick information about the city and the country.

So, for the final verdict, I'd say that even though GranPrix Manila is just an econotel, the style and the comfort are superb - an affordable experience one will never regret. And I’m sure that you’ll love Manila even more!

Gran Prix also offers the same style and comfort at GranPrix Pasay and in GranPrix Quezon City for more metropolis convenience; and they also have affordable rooms for travellers in the north with their GranPrix Tarlac branch and down in the south with their GranPrix Cebu branch. And if you are looking for a relaxing spot at the number one tourist destination of the country – Boracay – GranPrix  open the shores of Boracay to their guests with their GranPrix Boracay Hideaway, a backpacker’s piece of heaven at the heart of Boracay and then there’s the Sitio Boracay for those who can afford more and wanna experience Boracay to the fullest!

You can check out their website at for more details and reservations!

Also find them on Facebook through these links:

Despite of the busy streets and jam-packed malls, truly, Manila will always be in the heart of every Filipino. And with the addition of GranPrix Manila to its rosters of best of the best hotels who cater to the private needs of every guests of this dear city, championing the hearts of every visitor, may they be local or international tourists, is as easy as saying “Ready, Set, Go!”

Mabuhay ka, Maynila! Mabuhay ka, GranPrix Manila!

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