My Share of Bieber Fever in Manila

Early today, I got to attend the presscon of Justin Bieber, thanks to my friend Jeman for tagging me along and letting me his "official" photographer for this day! Whoopee!

And so, though, I'm not a Belieber, I took the chance to meet the boy wonder and get to know him up-close and personal.

And, oh boy, I think I was hypnotized, I'm proud to say that I AM A BELIEBER NOW! Hahahaha!

Okay, let me point out some things that I noticed during the presscon that made me adore this kid.

First, even though, he was late because of this "luggage issue", his staff and even him was apologetic for being late.

Second, I was surprised that when he entered the room, he was dressed so normal - plaid shirt and capri pants - so humble, I think. Pogi points for this kid.

Third, as he got on the stage where the hosts Mo Twister and Shawn Yao were, he immediately extended his hands to shake the hands of the two hosts - good manners! Nice boy!

Fourth, since the presscon started with Q and A with the media people, Justin in his most charming and humble manner answered all the questions wholeheartedly and really well, I think. He really knows how to charm people. Hehehe.

Lastly, since the presscon lasted for only 30 minutes, he gave us all one adorable smile that made us all blown away. Hahahaha!

Go, Justin!!! ^_^

Without further ado, here are the other pictures of the said presscon:

During the presscon, MCA also awarded a plaque of appreciation to Justin for the overwhelming sales of his albums:

I also took some clips of the said presscon, here:

I didn't get a chance to watch his Justin Bieber's My World Tour Concert because I have a Philippine Fashion Week shows to catch up too, but I can say, basing it from the faces of the little boys and girls that I saw on my way out of SM Mall of Asia and basing it from the words that I heard from them, I think they really enjoyed the concert and all.

So, there, that's my share of Justin Bieber Fever in Manila. What's yours? Feel free to share it on my comment box!!! ^_^

Thanks to and to MCA Music for allowing me to have this one chance to meet one of the most famous kids in the world right now - Justin Beiber! And yes, I'm a BELIEBER! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

nice naman. thank you alex!