AboitizPower Gives Back

As part of any company here in the Philippines, may it be government or privately-owned, everyone is taking a step forward in uplifting not just the economy but also the standard of living of their employees, the community they belong and the country where we all live in.

And now, after two years of handing the Tiwi-Makban Geothermal Power Complex, the AP Renewables Inc. (APRI), AboitizPower Coprorations wholly owned subsidiary, is making the lives of their employees and their host community more safe and stable.

Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, AboitizPower was able to uplift the lives of their people, inside and outside of their complex through different avenues in where young and old benefits.

For example, in education, Aboitiz Power donated computer equipments, library kits, school desks and chairs to education institutions in Tiwi, Laguna and Batangas. The schools of Naga High School and Tiwi Agro Industrial School received a grant of 10 personal computers and two printers for the students and teachers alike can use. There's a free visual screening with free eyeglasses too for elementary pupils to help those kids with visual impairment. Repairs, rewiring and new constructions are also on its way to more than 20 classrooms in Tiwi and Makban areas.

And scholarship was also granted to deserving students to pursue and help them achieve their goals.

In the line of health and relief, AboitizPower has consistently providing medical, dental and optical missions in Tiwi and Makban areas. They've been able to help 7,000 families in Laguna during the Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. And they are still helping the people of Albay after the eruption of Mayon Volano last year and the flooding and landslide last January.

And with all of these, the livelihood of the host community and neighboring communities evolve and developing. After of almost two years since the government turned over Tiwi-Makban Facilities, it proved that AboitizPower is not just a power generation and distribution company but rather more than that. 

Cleanergy - clean and renewable energy - is really proving its importance making the lives of the people more stable and the life of mother planet more meaningful.

Congratulations, AboitizPower! 
Keep up the good work and more power!

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