Somedaydream's Hey Daydreamer Video Launch

Just some few days before it was officially launched last May 1, I was invited to catch the hottest OPM singer in town for the release of the official music video of his song "Hey Daydreamer". And I've got to admit, I became a fan right then and there.

Somedaydream a.k.a Renz Toledo, 20, is currently surfing the wave of change in local music scene giving us a refreshingly different to be considered new indie sound but still friendly enough to be blasted on all radio stations, regardless of the target demographics.

Somedaydream is produced by the former vocalist of the disbanded OPM band Hale Champ Lui Pio. Champ is hoping to bring back the interest of the listeners to OPM music scene since we all know how talented and how great we all are.

This music video is directed by the very pretty Bianca King and as she said, it is a low-budget music video, but with the help of their other friends they were able to create something that Somedaydream's fans can appreciate and love.

Somedaydream sung to us that night doing a cover for the songs that inspired him to be unique and great.

Currently, his song is reigning as the most favourite song of the day in different top radio stations, while the music video is making its way to the of MYX Countdown. So, to make it  number one, text MYX vote Hey Daydreamer and send to 2366.

Congratulations, Somedaydream and Mecca Music! More power to you!
Mabuhay ang OPM!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Ang gwapo n'ya ha! And he can sing? Really can sing?

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Oh, yeah, he is cute, nice charming and humble (so far). And I really like his song.