Saint o'Clock: Not Just Some KPop Album

Since I've seen the boys of 2AM performed last Saturday at Eastwood Mall, and since I have their album Saint o'Clock from last Saturday's event, I can't help but to like the band more and more.

And in this Asian Version album that I got hold off, 12 interesting tracks were shared to the fans of this boy band from South Korea, which I'm sure a lot of girls and KPop lovers and falling in love with now.

I can say that all songs are nice - taking this from a person who enjoys KPop/dance music more - I have quite a list of favourite tracks from this album. And despite that I know nothing about Korean language, their songs are starting to grow on me. Hehe.

Okay, for the first songs "You Wouldn't Answer My Calls", you can feel how the band differ from 2PM. The song is somehow serious and tear-jerking.

"Like Crazy" is one of my favourite songs. I saw them perform this live at Eastwood, and oh boy, this song made the whole crowd shuts, and when the boys sung the chorus, the crowd went wild and applauded them. Really nice!

On the other hand, "I'm the One" reminded of Code Red song. It is upbeat but you can still feel the 2AM touch that made them so popular.

"Mirage's" blending is really charming. Easy to listen to and, for me, it's easy to memorize. Hehehe. In this song, you'll feel the different side of the boys that proves that they can race against the other KPop bands who are making their way on top.

To relax you after a busy day's work or if you wanna have some background music while working on some things or just simply relaxing, "To Love You Again" is the nicest song that you can listen to from this album.

"There's Nothing More" and  "Nervousness" are both okay for me, but "Love U Hate U" drops the bomb. I think this is my most favourite song in this album. It has this Super Junior/Big Bang appeal that I really like. But of course, the 2AM balladeer effect is still there making me so "kilig".

As for "With or Without U" and "Can't Say Love", both songs offer the Korean pop-culture touch that I think has a greater appeal to Korean girls.

And lastly, "The Day I Confessed" is my second favourite because of its so natural, easy listening appeal. It's so inviting, plus the rhythm isn't that too complicated, hence makeing it to my list of favourite songs from this Kpop album.

To 2AM, congratulations and good luck!
Til your next visit here in the Philippines!

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elmerlovesoreo said...

I saw them on TV the other day at parang F4 lang ha! :)