Philippine Gamma Knife - Soaring High!

It's been more than a decade since this institution brought life and light to those who hopelessly seeking for help to cure their brain tumors, and now with 1774 patients treated and are now back to living their normal lives, Philippine Gamma Knife has been and will always be true to their commitment - to give a guaranteed quick recovery time, to give a high performance rating among experts and patients alike and lastly, to have a team of experts who will perform the procedure perfectly.

This is my first time to be invited to such gathering, meeting doctors, surgeons actually, and have a conversation with them with such medical terms that almost bled my nose out. Hehehe. Funny as it may seem for someone like me who just learning and hearing medical terms while watching Grey's Anatomy, but this gathering or meeting with these doctors gave me so much knowledge that made me realize how, Filipinos, are so gifted with such knowledge and talent and goodness from our Creator, because believe it or not, we're the only third world country who has this Gamma Knife machine and we have it here in Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

The Hospital

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is considered as one of the best hospital if not for the country, well, at least hear in Metro Manila with its high-end facility, cutting-edge medical technologies and expert care that patients and non-patients will surely and securely feel.

Know from its its success in the fields of Bariatric and Metabolic (Diabetes) Surgery, Cardiology, Comprehensive Cancer Care, Comprehensive Women’s Care, Neurology and Neurosurgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, CSMC has made its name and continually proving not just in the country but in the whole world their excellence in the field of medicine.

The Philippine Gamma Knife Center Facility

Located at the compound of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Philippine Gamma Knife was incepted in 1997. Developed  by Professor Lars Leksell of Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the Leksell Gamma Knife or Gamma Knife is a radiosurgical tool that delivers ionizing radiation to the brain to treat various diseases. It provides patients a with another option for the teratment of tumors, vascular, malformations, trigeminal neuralgia and other conditions of the brain that were once only managed with open surgery.

As of now, the Philippines has only one of unit of this machine and they somehow glad to report that they treated and helped more than a thousand of patients all over the country with nothing but a non-invasive brain surgery.

The Gamma Knife Procedure

Since, I'm not in the position to tackled to you about this machine and how does it works, let me share to you this video that I saw on Youtube, which is the same procedure as how Philippine Gamma Knife Center works on their patients.

Watch and learn, guys. :-)

The Gamma Knife uses ionizing radiation (gamma rays) produced by 201 cobalt-60 sources to target and destroy a tumor, a blood vessel abnormality like an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) within or adjacent to brain tissue, or to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and trigeminal neuralgia (an excruciatingly painful facial condition) with extreme accuracy. Since each individual gamma ray is of relatively weak intensity, the normal brain tissue surrounding the abnormality is protected as the full dose of radiation is focused only at the point where all 201 beams converge. This explains why side effects are rare and usually temporary. Since the procedure is non-invasive, or “bloodless”, the risks of post-operative complications, such as infection and hemorrhage, are eliminated.

I also stumbled upon this video on Youtube that talks about Gamma Knife from the patients' perspective.

A multidisciplinary  group consisting of a neurosurgeon, a radiation oncologist and a radiation physicist accomplishes treatment with the Gamma Knife. The referring physician is an active partner in the whole treatment process, and patients accepted by Gamma Knife treatment remain in their primary physician’s care. Providing regular reports on patient status, the Gamma Knife team maintains ongoing communications with the referring physicians through evaluations, treatments, follow-ups and outcome studies.

This procedure, which can be used alone or in combination with surgery or radiotherapy procedures, can give an astonishing result that the patient can truly benefited. The speed with which this treatment takes effect depends on the type of tumor - its tissue type or histology. Fast-growing tumors, such as metastases, respond very quickly (weeks), whereas slow-growing tumors, such as acoustic neuromas, have slower response times (months, sometimes years).

The Doctors

As of now, The Philippine gamma Knife has around 10 doctors in Metro Manila, 1 in Bulacan, 1 in Bacolod City, 2 in Cebu City, 1 in Davao City and 1 in Dagupan City.

Jaime F. Flor, MD - Cardinal Santos Medical Center ( MANILA )
Eduardo R. Mercado, MD - Cardinal Santos Medical Center ( MANILA )
Theodor S. Vesagas, MD - Cardinal Santos Medical Center ( MANILA )
Daniel L. Ong Kian Koc, MD - Chinese General Hospital ( MANILA )
Teodoro L. Tigno, MD - AFP-Medical Center ( MANILA )
Camellia J.N. Posoncuy, MD - Manila Doctors Hospital ( MANILA )
Alfredo L. Tan, MD - University of the East | Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center ( MANILA )
Antonio A. Rafael, MD - St. Luke's Medical Center | Capitol Medical Center ( MANILA )
Louie C. Racelis, MD - The Medical City ( MANILA )
 Jose A. Aguilar, MD - Philippine General Hospital ( MANILA )
Carmelo C. Canto, MD - Riverside Medical Center ( BACOLOD CITY )
Roderick M. Casis, MD - Sta. Clara de Monte Falco Medical Center ( BULACAN )
Wyben R. Briones, MD - Cebu Doctors Hospital | Chong Hua Hospital ( CEBU CITY )
Amado V. Layno, MD - Cebu Doctors Hospital | Chong Hua Hospital ( CEBU CITY )
Alfredo V. Abundo, MD - San Pedro Hospital | Davao Uptown Clinic ( DAVAO CITY )
Ferdinand G. Florendo, MD - Dagupan Doctor - VMMC ( DAGUPAN CITY )

Quick Recovery, Safer and More Effective

Gamma Knife minimizes the possibility of developing complications. Since the actual treatment last for only a day, comparing this to the conventional open surgery, Gamma Knife allows patients to return to his daily activities quickly. It requires no incisions and in most cases requires local anesthesia, many of the risk associated with conventional surgery such as infection, hemorrhage, adverse reaction to anesthesia and death are all eliminated, making this the safest and most effective non-invasive surgery in the land.

To know more about how Gamma Knife works and can help you, visit Philippine Gamma Knife Center at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center or you can also visit their website, You can also call them at (02) 725-9254 or (02) 723-7575.

Soar high, Philippine Gamma Knife! We believe in you!


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