The 1st Dairy Queen Chillympics

As the hot summer weather strikes Metro Manila, the Dairy Queen, world’s most loved ice cream, brought an exciting and sweet-tooth-friendly competition for its front-liners from the different parts of Asia with its the first-ever Dairy Queen Chillympics!

From the Asian countries like China, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Macau and the Philippines, Dairy Queen gathered the best of the best Dairy Queen staff from these countries and let them battle it out on who among them will reign as the champion of this first-ever competition.

And live at the Dairy Queen branch in Ali Mall, Cubao, I got to witness the participants mix, match and create Dairy Queen’s world-renowned treats in 10 minutes.

Each team was given a sealed envelope where a list of DQ treats was listed. They have to prepare all of the treats on that list in 10 minutes or less to beat the other teams. But it is important to have these treats in it perfect condition, meaning right flavor, weight and taste to be able to have good points from the judges.

Among the DQ treats that they prepared are Blizzards, Moolattes, cones, sundaes, shakes and premium fruit smoothies.

Lucky Lafanggero, since I was one of the guests of this competition, I got to taste one of the treats prepared by one of the participants. Hehehe. Yumm!

I’m proud to eat this one because this was prepared by the representative of our country! Yeaboi!

And if you think that this competition is just some product-making contest, well, you are wrong. Because right after showing off their talents on how good and how fast they are, a quiz was then followed to check if these DQ’s mighty personnel are also brainy personnel. ^_^

Participants were asked about Dairy Queen’s history, culture, products and equipment.

And just like any other games, points were given to those who got it right, but since this is the first-ever Chillympics, they made a rule that in every wrong answer, point or points will be deducted from the team who got the answer wrong. Clever!

After the Dairy Queen Quiz, the points from the two levels were combined and the announcement of the winners followed.

Tied on the third place, China and the Philippines, Brunei took the second place and Beijing, China went home as the champion of this first-ever Dairy Queen Chillympics!

Congratulations to the winners and to Dairy Queen for this very successful competition!

I’m expecting a bigger and chilly-er competition next year, all right? Hehehe!

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cindy boyd said...

i want myself a DQ Blizzard in chocolate truffle. yum yum.