Heavenly AXE Provoke Party

If you are single straight guy and you haven't been to any AXE event party, well, you've been missing a lot, dude!

I mean, seriously, dude, aside from the captivating fragrance of AXE, like their latest release AXE Provoke, AXE throws a party as heavenly as this!

Happened at Taste Asia at SM Mall of Asia, about 50 of the metro's hottest and beautiful ladies gathered to celebrate the coming of the new AXE fragrance for men.

Heavenly as it may seem, with AXE Provoke's tagline "Even Goddesses will fall", this night was nothing but pure beauty and enchanting smell of the new AXE body spray.

Look, all the beautiful ladies in the metro in one hot party? Now, ain't that you call heaven? Hahaha!

But don't worry, because these goddess-like beauties will be having an SM Mall Tour. Just make sure that you visit SM Supermarket to be caught by these attractive ladies.

If you haven't gone to supermarket for the longest time, well, I guess it's about time to pay a visit to Supermarket and experience the AXE effect!


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