Yes, I have the Latest and Sexiest Samsung Series 9 Notebook!

Believe it or nor, just a few days before its final release in the market, I already have my own sexy PC, the newest and the sexiest in the market, the Samsung Series 9 Notebook! Wee!

During its grand launch last March 22 at the Manila Peninsula, Makati City, I was the first lucky person who got to have a Samsung Series 9! My name was drawn from the raffle that Samsung executives held out of a dozen of press people who witness the said event.

Shocked as I was knowing the wonderful features and aesthetics of this amazingly thin and very light notebook, I'm ready to take it home and share it with my family! Wee! Super duper over mega thank you, Samsung Electronics Philippines!!! As in!!!

According to them, I was the first one who have it, and that's a bragging right, I suppose! Hahaha!

Anyways, I unboxed the unit and test it for some 2 to 3 hours, and here's my non-techie but a-laptop-user review of this new gift from Samsung:

1. The design is really flawless, no wonder they named it "Sexy PC".

2. I love its exterior, the duralumin cover, which is a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum and normally used in advanced aircraft design is really lovable! And though, it only comes in one color for now, the color black of this unit is just perfect to me. It's stylish and really classically elegant.

4. The hidden key ports are the love! I'm always having problem with my other laptop's key ports, and now, with Samsung Series 9 hidden key ports, I think, they just resolve my problem. ^_^ They really give a flawless design! And this is perfect for OC people like me. ^_^

5. When it comes to the keyboard, a blogger like me would definitely enjoy the benefits that I can get from the backlit keyboard. I think it made the whole PC Notebook more elegant and functional.

6. When it comes to the display of brightness, Samsung truly exemplifies an outstanding performance of true colors with its SuperBright Plus display with a wowing 400 nit brightness. (Comparing this to my other laptop, this one is like 8 times brighter!) I tried playing some music and video last night, and I'd say that the quality of the video is so Samsung - crisp, vibrant, perfect - as for the audio,well, rock and roll! Love both aspects!

7. The 15-second Fast Boot and 3-second Fast Start is really true!

8. Though, I haven't tried it yet, I'm excited to experience it's 7-hour long battery life. Winner!

9. And since I also have other gadgets, the next feature that I love about this sexy laptop is its Chargeable USB, which recharges my other gadget even my Samsung Series 9 is on sleep mode.

10. And lastly, if there's one thing that any laptop or notebook user will get really envy to my Samsung Series 9 Notebook, that will be its thickness! Imagine, just as thick as pen! When I'm about to leave the event and I took the whole notebook out of the box and placed in in my mailman just to make sure I can bring it home safe and sound! Hahaha! I'm a little paranoid, yeah.... Hello, it's Php79,900, that's expensive to me! Hahaha!

But honestly, if you are looking for a really good notebook PC now, and you are after the brightness, weight and thickness, THIS IS THE PERFECT ONE! This Samsung Series 9 Notebook is the one! And I'm not just syaing this because I have one, I just wanna say straight and simple... This is fucking awesome!

You'll fall in love with it. Definitely! And I'm very sure of that! :-)

*thanks to blogger azrael for these pictures! 

Thank you very, very much Samsung Electronics Philippines!
This is an early birthday gift! And I will treasure this forever! Cheers!

Welcome to Samsung Series 9!

P.S. Since I'm into giving my gadgets a name, I named my Samsung Series 9 Notebook Calliope... Sexy, right? ^_^


earthlingorgeous said...

congrats! ako naman next magkakaroon nyan ahahahaha! ingatan mo na si Calliope! :) haha peace joke lang alex but yeah you must have done something good :) yay! to good karma :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thanks, Earth! Yeah, sana magakaroon ka din nito, para madaming tayong happy. ^_^

And, yeah, I will take good care of Calliope... Actually, hindi ko nga mailabas ng bahay eh, bawal daw sabi ng mga bantay gadgets ko sa bahay. ^_^

Yey to good karma talaga! ^_^