Rajo Laurel on Samsung Series 9 Notebook

During its press launch, part of the whole program of unveiling the latest and sexiest PC Notebook in the market - Samsung Series 9, a fashion with three of the country's top designers was held showcasing their interpretation to the three distinct features of this new offering from Samsung.

For the first designer Rajo Laurel, he took a plunge to Samsung Series 9's SuperBright Plus, that's why in his collection, which he presented that night, a play of wonderful summer-y colors filled the runway giving the audience a vibrant, happy feel!

For a Samsung Series 9 user like me, Laurel gave a glowing justice in this collection. Plus, it is perfect for the season. I love every color, every flow and every style, so mood uplifting.

In this collection, Laurel used neon colors and dri-fit fabrics.

Bright and very sexy... This is Samsung with Rajo Laurel!

Congratulations, Samsung Electronics Philippines and Mr. Rajo Laurel!

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