Rhett Eala on Samsung Series 9 Notebook

For the second designer who presented his talent and artistry at the grand launch of Samsung Series 9 Notebook, Mr. Rhett Eala, showcased a stunning collection which embodies the exterior look of Samsung Series 9

With it's black duralumin cexterior, which is a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum and normally used in advanced aircraft design, Mr. Eala came up with something black that look so light and elegantly captivating.

In this collection, Mr. Eala used lightweight fabric and gold and silver embellishments that, I think, gave his whole collection a stunning appeal.

This is my favourite collection that night.

Sophisticated, light and very sexy... This is Samsung with Rhett Eala!

Congratulations, Samsung Electronics Philippines and Mr. Rhett Eala!

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