The Middle Child and All About Scrapbooking

I have a very sad story about scrapbook. It's a very sad story that every time I saw one, I look anywhere just not to see one... It hurts to see something that reminds you of someone, but I guess that's why they invented or created such thing - to be remembered of the pass that you had.

And that's what I experience last Sunday when I attended the All About Scrapbooking Blogger's Day - a whirl wind experienced that ended with a bang.

When I entered the Filstar Building in Pasig City, I was welcomed by a quite hallway, little do I know, when I reached the end of the hall, a room of full of bloggers who were so excited for the party to begin. After registering my name, I was handed by this girlish name tag. Cute, right?

The moment I received it, I knew that this will a day of creative juices.

I said hi and hello to the bloggers I know and find my seat at the corner of the room. I was sitting behind my friend Danica that time when this event started.

The people of All About Scrapbooking introduced themselves and they presented some video and pictures about the company. Heartwarming, that's what I felt after a series of Hallmark TV commercials, and yeah, they never fail to mesmerize me.

Filstar handles Bic (the ballpen) and Hallmark in our country, so when it comes to scrapbooking, I believe that just have everything and anything about it.

After some few minutes, Miss Carmel made a short explanation about scrapbooking and she then told to us the tools and materials needed to make a beautiful scrapbook.

I didn't know that there are these millions of stuff now that can be used to beautify ones work, and they really excites me!

From there, we were handed a pack of scrapbooking materials, which we will use for our first project. And to our shockness, it was a competition of scrapbook! GREAT! O.o

I'm a creative person (I think) but not that creative. When I received my first scrapbook birthday card some few years ago, I was very, very happy... It was very beautiful!

So, as I keep in mind all that's in there, I picked, cut and glued the special papers that they gave to us, the pictures that keeps my travels alive and the words that will tell me who I am.

I honestly enjoyed, making ideas on the spot, it was like being a student again, just enjoying every bits and pieces that your teachers give you.

And since I have this "student" feel while working on my project, I disobeyed some rules. I didn't follow everything that Miss Carmel told us, but instead I created something that not all of us would dare to do. ^_^

After an hour or so of gluing, cutting, arranging, disarranging, choosing of design, I finally came to the final leg, titling my project.

We were given letter puzzles for the lettering, but since the letters were limited, my first idea to come up with "Recycle Bin of a Middle Child" changed,  I had to take 5 long breaths until I finally figured out the title of my scrapbook..." Rampa!" But it's too short, right? I was planning to have it "Rammmpa!", like my travel blog, but I thought that the judges might have a heard time understanding it, so I just used the right spelling and added "With Me" to have it more personal...

I'd say that was one of the most challenging things I've done in my whole life, to push my creative mind to the limits, but I do enjoyed it up to the last minute. Though, I was not really confident with my final output, plus, the group was starting to work on the next scrap project, so I handed my scrapbook and rushed to the next one.

The next project, which was a pop up card, was a little easy. It was a like an origami thing, but with gluing. Hihihih.

It just took us some 15 minutes to finish the card, and I was really happy with what I came up with. I was really amazed by how these things work... SUPER FUN!

After those two projects, we all kinda feel exhausted, and it was getting late already, so without further ado, the judges decided on which scrapbook looks best to win scrapbooking materials and accessories from Filstar. Wee!

For the third place, Jonel Uy got the spot.

On the second place, it was Lariza Garcia.

And for the first place, hold on to your seat, because it was me! Wee!

Unbelievable, right? Well, I cannot believe myself, too, but I won! Hahaha!
I think, after winning and knowing that I do have "a little" talent in scrapbooking, I guess, the bad memories of scrapbooking in my mind will change... I wish.

It was a fun day, sure! A creative, fun and friendly day!
I know that the other bloggers' works were as much as beautiful and meaningful as mine, so I share all my happiness that I felt that day with them. They'll be a big part of the smile that I'll have in my face every time I see a scrapbook or even an accessory of it from now on.

To Filstar Distributors Corporation, my love to all of you, guys! 
Thank so much for the patient in teaching us and sharing to us your wonderful talent and time in creating these heart-warming stuff!

Thank you!

And for those of you who wanna be part of these Scrapaholics (people who are into scrapbooking), all you have to do is visit their Facebook fanpage to get updates and news about the whereabouts of these Scrapaholics!

PS. Here are the pictures of my first ever scrap card that I took way back 2008. Unfortunately, the friend who gave it to me is in hiding... She chose money over our friendship... :-( I guess, she doesn't deserve the term "friend" anymore.... :-(

Thank you!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Nice article/story! I would love to try scrap-booking. BTW, what model and brand of camera are you using?

irishell said...

congratulations! :) medyo nalungkot lang ako sa dulo... but anyway, life goes on. you can still start making a scrapbook with your new life with other people. pero in fairness, nasa iyo pa rin yung bigay nya. hihihi.. :p sama mo ako sa next event ng scrapbook ha.. :p